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The State of Punjab is considered magical across the world. Try meeting any Punjabi Chefs & its friendly people or explore their unique culture, dance to Bhangra & Balle Tunes or enjoy a variety of their traditional food & flavors, Punjab has everything soulful to enjoy life “king size”. Moreover, you can find Punjabi cuisines being cooked everyday in all north Indian kitchens as it has a rich & royal-like influence over people’s minds and highly digestible to actively perform everyday work. It won’t be wrong to say Punjabi Cuisines have given a unique identity to India abroad & the whole world loves to include it in its food menu either to please guests & to make their wedding look royal. In short, Punjab has taught the whole world what to cook every day to remain fit, healthy & young.

Let’s look at these must-try sumptuous & delicious Punjabi food which are world-famous and can be commonly savoured every day as any meals of the day:-

1. Masala Chana & Amritsari Kulcha: Being delicious, aromatic, and simple to cook, Chana Masala count big on flavours and are everyone’s delight. Made with healthy chickpeas infusing light Indian spices, it is the most loved Indian street food and a must-try for any travellers as it lacks hot spices and you feel full for a longer time. It is mostly savoured with bread like Kulcha which is made after fermenting white flour with dry yeast. Inviting Masala Chana tastes as yummier with Plain Kulcha as with stuffed (potato, paneer/matar) Kulcha and looks appetizing with a good amount of white butter on the top.

2. Sarso ka Saag & Makki ki Roti: This classic and highly nutritious food is a signature delicacy of Punjab and it’s certain that all your knowledge will remain incomplete unless you have tried this most nutritious food rich in fibre, iron, potassium, minerals & vitamins. Made by cooking Mustard greens leaves ( Sarso) with Spinach(Palak) & pigweed (Bathua) and adding sauté of spices & mustard seeds, it is a most fibrous winter staple food and savoured with freshly cooked Makki ki Roti (cornmeal bread baked on Tava with a decent amount of fresh white butter at the top).

3. Punjabi Chole Bhature: Enjoying its identity in the special food category, enticing Cholle is dark-coloured chickpeas in a thick gravy made adding aromatic & flavoured spices (not to be missed with hot chillies). Being a little spicier in taste than Masala Kulcha, this awesome food is served hot with fully deep- fried large-sized super-soft bread (made with refined flour). This famous food is easy to cook & served hot with tangy mixed pickles and a few slices of onion & lemons.

4. Amritsari Fish Fry: Punjab being the land of five rivers, its Amritsar has been the luckiest place to receive a wide variety of fresh fish in its adjoining water bodies. Being the favourite snacks of all the Non-Vegetarian lovers, the crispy fresh fish fry is everyone’s favourite snack; it is made by marinating river water fishes with gram flour (besan), rice flour, aromatic spices, and yoghurt. Generally deep fried and served hot as fritters, Amritsari fish fry are healthy, nutritious, and are so popular that everyone tries cooking it in their kitchen but the real mix of spices still lies with the people of Punjab.

5. Dal Makhni: Tempting melt in your mouth textured Dal Makhani, is a well-blended smooth textured mixed lentils and a great way to add protein into your every diet. Dal means Lentils & Makhani means buttery, it is made cooking whole black lentil (whole black Urad dal ) and Red kidney beans(Rajma) and then seasoned with healthy spices, fresh herbs, butter & cream that makes it’s every bite flavoured packed, protein-rich and truly irresistible.

6. Tandoori Chicken: Traditionally nicknamed as Bhatti da Murg, Tandoor means Bhatti as it is uniquely cooked inside Tandoor, a cylindrical clay oven fired by wood or charcoal used for baking food on high heat). This Recipe is exotic and makes everyone eat more. Commonly savoured as roasted chicken (in tandoor), it is made marinating chicken cuts with special herbs, yoghurt & finished with coal smoking technique to induce tandoor’s smoky aroma. One of the highly recommended recipes with fresh coriander chutney, yoghurt, and rings of onions.

7. Punjabi Kadhi Pakodi: Thinking “Kadhi Chawal” itself gives a divine taste in the mouth. Uniquely made submerging super soft gram flour(besan) pakodi (fritters) in sour curd, this yoghurt-based tangy Kadhi ( gravy) has become crowd-pleasing cuisines especially served on special occasions though a special spicy version of this recipe still gets cooked in Punjab with the right blend of spices & herbs. Try this tangy yoghurt-based cuisine with plain steamed rice to feel full and stay fit as it is gluten-free.

8. Pinni & Panjiri: Sweet, unique & healthy delicacy, Pinni is a winter special Punjabi sweets made using pure ghee, Flour(Wheat Flour/Gram flour/Flaxseeds) jaggery, dry fruits and gond (or gund , a natural edible gum extracted from the sap of acacia plant & dried for adding to recipes. Providing nourishment & energy, another special sweet delicacy Panjiri are powered form of Pinni and has similar ingredients that of Pinni. Many times it is offered to GOD as Bhog and consumed as Prasad too. Nutrition & more smiles with every bite! Isn’t it.

Now, enjoy Traditional Punjabi Food on Train with RailRecipe.

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Enjoy Traditional Punjabi Food on Train Journey

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