10 Best Places to Visit in Ooty

Welcome to everyone’s favorite destination and India’s Switzerland “Ooty”

Ooty, a “Queen of Hills” is one of the highly recommended travel destinations and is located 86 km north of Coimbatore and 128 km south of Mysore on the Nilgiris Blue Hills of Indian Western Ghats. Ooty is one of the assets of the Indian economy contributing to GDP through tourism, agriculture, medicinal plantation, photography, and film Industry Shootings. As visitors start heading towards magnificent Ooty, they share this feeling of the unique sensory experience of gradually getting lost in its mesmerizing effects. Views of scanty mountains hills, and breathtaking greeneries are bountiful to resuscitate their soul. Read on to know the best places to visit in Ooty.

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A must vacation for all those who wish to retire in the arms of nature for some time and forget the world in search of heavenly relaxation. The splendid Ooty has that much power to heal anyone in a quick time and its influence is such paramount that every visitor speaks about getting lost in its scenic splendor, local sights, chirping mountains birds, and beasts while enjoying fresh beans coffee, and tea made from freshly cultivated tea leaves from its in-house tea plantation.

Best Places To Visit In Ooty

Let’s know about all the beautiful and serene places to visit in Ooty on your next vacation for a unique divine feeling.

1. Botanical Garden Ooty: Laid down way back in the year 1848 by Graham Mclvor on 55 hectares of land in the lower hills of Doddabetta peak, this botanical garden Ooty is full of thousands of species of fauna including medicinal plants, flowers, ferns, lilies, fountain ponds with flowers and most unique being 20 million old fossil trunk.

Being administered by the Department of horticulture and maintained with hill area program funds, it is situated near another famous travel destination Udhagai Lake. Divided into sections such as Lower Garden, New Garden, Italian Garden, The Conservatory, and Nurseries, this garden conserves the flora and fauna of Nilgiri hills with Toda Hill (Toda Mund) which gives insights into the original tribes of its habitant, The Todas.

2. Ooty Lake: Located just 1 kilometer from Ooty bus stand, Ooty lake is an artificial one created in 1824 by John Sullivan to conserve mountain water in Ooty dam alongside and now it is being maintained by Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation since 1973 to attract more tourists through House boatings, attention-grabbing parks, racecourse to witness horse racing, mini train ride, food court, cycling along the periphery of the lake.

3. The Tea Factory and Tea Museum: Being the largest tea-growing belts in India, the Doddabeta tea factory along with the adjacent Tea Museum is a must-visit for all tea lovers, if you want to know about the complete history of the refreshing tea world. Founded in the Year 2005 by a former member of the tea board, Mr. N.K. Krishnamoorthy, it is located on 1 acre of land and this tea plantation has a production capacity of 30 tonnes of tea per month. You may visit to buy fresh green tea, cardamom tea, chocolate tea, and other strong tea which may be unknown and yet to taste till now.

4. Thunder World, Ooty: One of the best Indian amusement and theme park in India, Thunder World has entry tickets as low as Rs 10 for children and adults and Rs 450 and Rs 550 for children and adults respectively for different special combos and you enjoy different rides, rain forest, dinosaur-themed park, watch 3D movie haunted house and snow world all for adventures and fun at Ooty. It also offers a decent food court to the visitors for a complete experience altogether.

5. St. Stephen’s Church: Most visited St. Stephen Church is the main tourist attraction of Ooty and was built way back in 1829 by then Governor of Madras, Stephen Rumbold Lushington who felt the need for the church exclusively for the British. The structure still stands tall and it is one of the earliest churches you will find in Nilgiris to relieve ancient times. It has the famous painting Last Supper, the crucifixion of Christ, St. Mary holding Baby Jesus and a unique bell to ring made as four hammers-like structures tied on inverted v-shaped n planks using wires.

6. Eik Hill Murugan Temple: Located at Eik hills in Ooty, this is one of the sixth sacred abodes of Murugan, greatly visited for seeking blessings from an ancient deity of South India,” Lord Murugan”. Leaving everyone with a serene and divine experience, the huge idol of Lord Murugan is considered charismatic and hugely patronized by every visitor. The sacred and religious sites to visit for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you would feel holy, blessed, and serene worshipping the Idol.

7. Stone House Government Museum: Enjoying the legacy of the “first house” to be constructed in Ooty, it is the most ancient monument and is administered by Government Art College, Ooty. Though officially the house of Principal of Art College, some of its parts are still made open for visitors from Monday to Sunday (between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.) to explore extinguishing yet conserved flora, fauna, ancient antiques and artifacts discovered from different archaeological sites of Nilgiri hills.

8. Thread Garden: Located just opposite the Ooty Lake, it is a rare artificial garden full of flowers, plants, and trees uniquely made with thread, canvas, and wires all along. Designed by Mr. Antony Joseph, a professor by profession with his highly skilled workers, this never dining garden is made using the “Four-Dimensional Hand-Wound” technique, completely handcrafted, and had taken almost fifteen years to create such a masterpiece.

One of the most creative sites in Ooty to take pictures along, it costs as low as Rs 10 for kids and as high as Rs. 30 for adults. Not to forget additional charges are also applicable if want to take pictures or shoot videos inside this highly creative garden.

9. Pykara Waterfalls: A must-visit natural site at Pykara river, Pykara waterfalls are 19 kilometers away from Ooty and considered the most scarred by their tribals” The Todas”. To turn it into a tourist spot, the tourist department has built a forest rest house, a well-protected Boat House, a reservoir, and Dams for a spectacular view. The electricity board to has constructed the Pykara Ultimate Stage Hydro Electric Plant (PUSHES) which generates 60 Megawatts of hydraulic power and has an underground powerhouse. A great place to treat yourself.

10. Tiger Hills: Located just 6 kilometers from Ooty city and can be reached within 20 minutes, try this place for a relaxing stay to see the sunrise from its hilltop to get an amazing view. The tiger hills have a freshwater reservoir and caves at the top and are enjoyed heavily by trekkers as climbing it early in the morning to see a magnificent rise of the Sun is an awesome feeling and favorable from a health point of view.

Also, when you visit this hill station, don’t forget to carry an umbrella, a hat, a slipper, a hot water flask, trekking shoes, and some woolen clothes as you may find misty clouds and drizzling rain over you anytime in Ooty.

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Let’s Go Ooty this time, for magnificent selfies!

Top 10 Places To Visit in Ooty

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