5 Curd Dishes to try this summer season

Summer season is almost here and the temperature is increasing continuously day by day. As we all know that this season is one of the hottest times in most parts of India. This season becomes intolerable due to extreme heat waves and humid weather conditions. As we all know Indian people use to cherish everything that comes their way just like the summer season. We Indians use to stay light, eat light meals, and keep self-hydrated during summer. One of the ways to stay light and cool is by consuming curd dishes.

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People of our country use to visit different hill stations during summer reasons like Shimla, Manali, Kashmir, Darjeeling, etc. Doctors also give advice that one should drink more glasses of water during summer and also eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. There are some superfoods that play a major role in “beating the heat” during summer and one of the known superfoods is “Curd” because curd dishes are a blessing in summer. It is popularly known as “Dahi” in every Indian household.

Advantages of Consuming Curd Dishes During the Summer Season

The hot and humid temperature of the summer season use to help the microorganism to multiply quickly which will change the milk into cured hence, we can say that making curd is easy in summer. Curd is the “King of cool foods” that you need to include in your daily summer diet. As we all know India is a country where people like to consume curd before any auspicious occasion like before board exams or before a job interview.

Curd has always been an important part of Indian cuisines and is also deeply connected with Indian culture. Curd or “Dahi” not only tastes delicious but also has many health benefits. Apart from that Indian cuisine recipes are totally incomplete without the presence of curd in them. Curd dishes can be the best fuel you should take if you want to re-energize yourself during this humid weather condition.

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Kadhi Pakora

Kadhi Pakora

Kadhi pakora is one of the most popular kadhis from Punjab and is mostly liked all over the country by North Indian people. It is basically fried pakoras dipped in a creamy and sour curd sauce that is popularly known as “Kadhi”. You can have this super-delicious kadhi-pakora with both roti and rice which totally depends on your choice. Gujarati people also love kadhi-pakora for its sweet and sour taste and refreshing flavors. Now, you can order delicious and hot kadhi pakora while traveling on a train with RailRecipe.



Raita is a kind of side dish but it is very popular in our country due to its tasty and refreshing taste. People use to serve raita with biryani, kebab, and also with other meals. Raita is usually made with curd, some spices like roasted cumin powder, rock salt, sugar, etc, and the main ingredient like vegetables or fruits. If you want to beat the heat while having something refreshing and delicious on the train then you must try raita.

You can order combo meal from RailRecipe that contains raita as a side dish like biryani with raita, Veg thali, Delux thali, Non-veg thali, Maharaja thali, etc. Any kind of raita like Boondi raita, cucumber raita, mix-fruit raita, etc adds an extra delicious taste and perks up your meal by giving a cooling effect to your body. Apart from being delicious in taste raita also gives our body probiotic health benefits that are very important for our overall health benefits.



If we talk about popular curd dishes then we can’t ignore lassi because it is one of the most popular sweet drinks. It is a super yummy and refreshing curd-based sweet drink that is used to serve after meals in North India. If it is hot and humid summer season and you want to have something refreshing to kick start your day. You can have chilled and refreshing lassi in order to calm down your body and get the power of yogurt throughout your busy day. Now, you can order super-refreshing Lassi while traveling via train with RailRecipe.

Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada is a very popular dish in our country because it is loved by a large number of people. This dish is prepared by using urad dal, fresh chilled curd, a few spices, etc. Dahi contains many nutritious agents that are beneficial for our overall health. Apart from that it also cools down our bodies. Dahi vada tastes super delicious when served with chilled yogurt and tangy tamarind chutney with a pinch of rock salt and roasted cumin powder.

Curd Rice

Curd Rice

If we talk about popular curd dishes without mentioning curd rice is totally worthless. Curd rice is a very popular South Indian dish that is made by using curd, rice, a few spices, herbs, etc. Apart from being healthy for health, this dish is also a comforting summer food that keeps our body cool from the inside. If you don’t want to have something heavy and oily but at the same time you want a fulfilling meal then you can easily go for curd rice. You can also order curd rice with RailRecipe while traveling via train.

How to order food from RailRecipe?

You can order whatever you want to have during your train journey with RailRecipe. For placing a food orders you have 3 options by which you can place your food order. Here I am mentioning three ways by which you can order your food from RailRecipe:

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Top 5 Curd Dishes You Should Try During Your Next Train Journey

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