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India is known for its charming outlook and colorful places. From the vast glorious deserts to the ever-graceful Himalayan mountain ranges. They say, exploring India is just an experience if you have not taken a train ride! And we believe that nothing can be truer than this saying. Indian train routes are picturesque and always memorable. Looking outside the window and watching different outlooks are whole new experience. The train ride was amazing. The happiness of traveling by Indian Railways hits a higher emotional level.

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Top 10 Picturesque Indian Train Routes To Look Out For

For travelers who love traveling in trains here’s a guide to the 10 most beautiful train journeys. These 10 most beautiful train journey routes give a crazy view of the most graceful natural sceneries in India.

1. Jammu – Katra Train Route:-

Jammu - Katra Train Route

Jammutawi Katra Train Route is a bit different train ride from other Indian railways train routes. Jammutawi Katra Train Route is made very high above the ground(mountain) and gives an awesome natural scene.

2. Darjeeling – Himalayan Train Route:-

Darjeeling - Himalayan Train Route

The Darjeeling – Himalayan Train Route is always on the top list of sightseers gives a feeling of traveling paradise with the most graceful scenes throughout the Darjeeling – Himalayan Train Route journey.

3. Mumbai – Goa Train Route:-

Mumbai - Goa Train Route

The Mumbai – Goa Train route is a day-inspiring and highly anticipated train route. The Mumbai to Goa brings much joy to many of us, but the Mumbai to Goa journey will bring you more bliss with its scenic rail route. The most popular train name that provides service on the Mumbai-Goa route is the Tejas Express. The Mumbai-Goa train journey offers you views of lush green outlook, tunnels, sea, and natural waterfalls.

4. Mandapam – Rameshwaram Train Route:-

Mandapam - Rameshwaram Train Route

Mandapam railway station in Tamilnadu is connected to Rameshwaram City by train. If you are an audacious tourist then Mandapam – Rameshwaram ride is a must for you. The Mandapam to Rameshwaram Train Route is one of the top 10 best journeys of India, it’s attractive and holy at the same time. Get a chance to experience a train ride on the largest sea bridge in India.

5. Bangalore – Kanyakumari Train Route:-

Bangalore - Kanyakumari Train Route

Bangalore – Kanyakumari Train Route another lovely train ride of the southern region in India. Bangalore – Kanyakumari Train Route all in one train journey – villages, farmstead, and many river or pond along the way. Kanyakumari Express is the top Indian Railway train that takes you to your bliss place Kanyakumari.

6. Guwahati – Silchar Train Route:-

Guwahati - Silchar Train Route

The Guwahati to Silchar train ride offers you a stunning outlook of rich green moody fields, Assam valleys like Barak valley. The Guwahati – Silchar train ride journeys through the mainly known river Jatinga. With all the morality offered, the Guwahati to Silchar train journey makes it one of the most sensational journeys in India.

7. Nilgiri – Ooty Train Route:-

Nilgiri - Ooty Train Route

Ooty city is an awesome place but the different routes to reach this place make the trip worth reveling. The Nilgiri – Ooty Train Route is a sensational ride with rich green forests and clear blue sky. Mettupalayam-Ooty train route also a memorable train ride for travelers in India. In our previous blog we have discussed about the best places to visit in Ooty.

8. Mumbai – Pune Train Route:-

Mumbai - Pune Train Route

Mumbai – Pune Train Route is also a stunning journey with the western Ghats and rain forests with many waterfalls attract many tourists for Mumbai to Pune trip via Indian railways.

9. Kalka – Shimla Train Route:-

Kalka - Shimla Train Route

The Kalka-Shimla Train Route with bluffs on one side and forests on the other looks heaven especially in winters. Winter is the time when the whole Kalka – Shimla Train route is covered with snow.

10. Jammu – Baramulla Train Route:-

Jammu - Baramulla Train Route

Jammutawi-Baramulla train route gives the pleasure of watching magnificent and marvelous of clouds hug the mountains.

The Indian Railways is the oomph and soul of Indian tourism. So, plan to take one of the above train routes and satisfy your travel hingry soul. Now, you can also enjoy yummy, delicious, and favorite food in train with RailRecipe App. RailRecipe delivers hot and fresh Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner food in train at the best prices. Book meals online during the train journey via RailRecipe.Com or call at 8448440386.

10 Most Beautiful Train Journey Routes In India

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