10 Tips For Safer Road Trips During Corona Pandemic

It’s not easy for travel souls to refined confined for a longer period. People across the world are being seen to be ready to move out even if there are chances of getting infected with COVID-19. In India, major travel locations are watching a negligible flow of travelers. Trains are running but with limited numbers and capacity. Most of the trains have been roped in towards COVID-19 isolation coaches to meet the increasing demands of isolation spaces. People are planning to start their travel via roads. RailRecipe, advised everyone to avoid any random travel plans for a few months. This may sound a safer option, but one needs to take care of certain things if you are planning a road trip during this corona pandemic.

Here’re 10 tips for safer road trips during corona pandemic:

  1. Containment Zone Research: Chances are that if you are traveling to destinations across state borders, you might land yourself into containment zones and be confined and quarantined for a longer period. Always, do preliminary research on the routes and locations falling en route towards your destination in order to avoid such issues. It is advised to use Arogya Setu app as advised by the Ministry of Home and Family Welfare (MOHFW).10 Tips For Safer Road Trips During Corona Pandemic
  2. Stock up for Extra Safety Gears: It’s better to avoid any mid-way purchases in order to avoid any un-known contact. Carry extra safety gears in the form of 3-ply masks, sanitizers, and gloves. These are your only best friends when you walk out of your house.Corona Safety Gears- RailRecipe
  3. Wear Full Sleeves and Tees: Full sleeves can avoid any airborne particles to stick on to your body surface. You can get rid of fabric by washing them at the end of the day in warm water and with some detergent. So it’s advisable to wear only long sleeves during such road trips.
  4. Don’t Forget the First Aid Traveler Kit for Your Road Trip: Although, this is something which should always be there in your car, but just to make sure do a check for first aid kit before starting on the trip. Replenish the ointments and swabs in the kit if necessary.Travel-First-Aid-Kit- Railrecipe
  5. Carry Multi-Port Powerbank: It’s hard truth that phones are our second-best friends. We don’t want to be left stranded somewhere just because your smartphone went out of battery power. Carrying a multi-port power bank can take this load off from your mind during road trips.
  6. Infra-Red Temperature Monitoring Device: Keep this handy device, which is now with everyone around to do a quick check for yourself and for your loved ones. This won’t take much of space and can be kept in your car closets easily.infrared-thermometers-temperature-laser-termometro-png-clip-art-removebg-preview
  7. Avoid Outside Food: Stomach always demands more when we are away from home and we all have experienced it. Eating out is not a healthy option during this pandemic. You should carry dry snacking items and best alternative would be Cuppa Noddles. One can get warm water easily and warm water from any source is definitely not harmful. It can surely fill and satisfy your belly during road trips.Road Trips Snack for Pandemic- RailRecipe
  8. Travelers Tent W/ Sleeping bags: If you happen to travel into some trekking spots, which surely is a best option to move away from crowded cities, you definitely gonna need this. You don’t wanna spoil your sleep due to lack of proper sleeping essentials. Sleeping bags are easy to carry. Also, make sure to carry some mosquito repellants as well.Camping Tent- RailRecipe
  9. Comfy Travel Neck Pillows: Neck required extra comfort and that’s why you always see travelers carrying neck pillows. Make sure you hang on one of these around your bags. Even if you want to sleep in your car during the travel, these can be much helpful.neck-travel-pillow- Railrecipe
  10. Opt for Contactless Payment Options: It’s hard time to go digital and this not only helps you to avoid the trouble of carrying cash but also keeps you safer by avoiding any contact from an unknown person through currency exchange. Download a few apps with quick keyboard taps, transfer the necessary amount of money from your bank account and voila, you can now buy souvenirs while maintaining minimal contact with the seller.Contactless_Payment-_RailRecipe-removebg-preview

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In case you are planning to break the boredom and crank your car for a road trip during this pandemic, make sure you follow these tips strictly to avoid any chances of infection. Do you have any added tips to add to the above list? Share with us in comments below and we would be more than happy to have them available for other users to update their checklist of road trip as well.

10 Tips For Safer Road Trips During Corona Pandemic

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