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Travelers on board can order Chhath Puja Vrat Thali on Train. This “Sattvik Thali” for Chhath Puja will now be served to travelers traveling during Chhath. During festivals, devotees pay close attention to their eating patterns and diet. The “Chhath Puja Sattvik Vrat Thali” being served by RailRecipe e-catering is a wonderful initiative to enhance the festive journey.

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Chhath fasters take extra precautions to ensure the hygiene of the food and packaging. They bring their meal packages and avoid eating outside, especially on long trips. On trains, vegetarian, Jain, and sattvik meals are served by food sellers from all throughout the railway network to satisfy the fundamental needs of the passengers.

Why Do Passengers Choose Special Vrat Thali on Trains?

One of the holiest Hindu festivals, Chhath Puja is performed with great fervor. Since Chhath Puja-restricted meals are not readily available on trains, it is impossible to adhere to several diet-related Chhath Puja fasting customs during lengthy train rides. On the other hand, Chhath Puja-specific cuisine is offered on the wheel by IRCTC-approved e-caterers.

Leading online caterers such as RailRecipe have prioritized this and will begin serving Chhath Puja fare. However, advance food orders for the Chhath Puja Vrat Thali have begun on our website. This will guarantee Chhath Puja fasters food of a high quality that is both fresh and pure.

Train passengers can book Chhath Puja special Vrat Thali on train by using their 10-digit PNR number.

Chhath Puja Special Vrat Thali for Safety and Hygiene

Ordering food from IRCTC-approved food serving partners has various benefits, such as improved food hygiene and cleanliness. Special Vrat Thali for Chhath Puja is made without using garlic or onions. Instead of normal salt, rock salts, also known as Sendha Namak, are utilized. In addition to lassi, fruit juice, Sabudana khichdi and Pakoda, milk, paneer, veggies, kheer, dry fruits, and other Saatvik fare are all available.

On all trains, including the Rajdhani, Duronto, and Shatabadi, we serve special Chhath Puja meals. The meal is made with careful attention to cleanliness and hygienic standards so it will be especially available for train passengers. No food stands on the station grounds will serve these items.

Importance of Special Vrat Thali

Consuming a special Vrat Thali on train during the Chaath Puja Vrat includes high-energy foods that help you stay nourished throughout the day. What is the primary justification for the Chhath Puja Vrat Thali? People have discovered that consuming Vrat Thali, a special type of Vrat food, is beneficial in a variety of ways.

  • Increases Energy: If you consume sattvic food (Vrat Food) on the day of Chhath Puja while fasting, your energy level will rise. The Vrat Thali contains certain sattvic foods that support boosting energy levels whilst fasting.
  • Pleasure: The purity of Vrat Thali meals encourages happiness and a positive outlook.
  • Calmness: The Vrat meal improves people’s ability to maintain their serenity and calm.
  • Mental Clarity: The thali diet’s pure sattvic foods encourage mental clarity.

How Can You Book Chhath Puja Special Vrat Thali on Train

On the day of departure, travelers who haven’t yet reserved “Vrat Thali” can still use this service. Food delivery services like RailRecipe prioritize quality over quantity. When preparing Chhath-restricted meals for the passengers, its restaurant partners—all of whom are FSSAI-authorized—take great care. Along with the Chhath Special Thali, you can order other sattvic delicacies like Kuttu ka dosa, Kuttu ka Singhara, Sabudana ki khichdi, Makhane ki kheer, and Banana Walnut Lassi when traveling.

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If you are fasting for Chhath Puja, enjoy the special Vrat food on train. These items are prepared hygienically and freshly to maintain the diet while traveling. Passengers should place their meal orders in advance at least two hours before the train arrives at the specific station where the food is scheduled to be served in order to avoid the rush. Through the food on train app or the RailRecipe e-catering website, the Chhath Puja Vrat Thali can be ordered. They can also call 844-844-0386 to make reservations for food aboard the train.

Passengers are no longer required to bring food for the Chhath fast in their baggage. They can easily order the special Chhath Puja Vrat Thali on the train from the special menu while on board. For those who abstain from salt during the Chhath Puja fast, “Falhari” food is also available aboard trains. On your meal order, you can also receive holiday discounts and deals.

This Chhath Puja don’t forget to consume hygienic and Pure Vrat Thali from RailRecipe

Order Vrat Thali On Train In This Chhath Puja

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