Valentine week

The time for love birds to celebrate Valentine is around the corner. Romance, passion, and love reach new heights with Valentine week. People get ready to celebrate the love season as it is getting closer. Many people know about Valentine’s day and celebrate it with their loved ones. However, did you know that it’s not just a single day of celebration? Instead, it’s a week-long alluring celebration of reuniting any couple most desirably. Couples celebrate the whole Valentine week.

Marking its beginning from Rose day to pampering each other with chocolates and teddies and baking or ordering Valentine’s Day cakes each year on the 14th of February adds more romance in the air. For those who are intrigued by the idea of celebrating a week of love and affection.

Valentine Week List

Here, in this blog, we are compiling a complete list of 7 days of Valentine.

valentine week list

7th February – Rose Day:

Love birds start celebrating Valentine’s Day celebrations start a week before Rose Day when people express their love by sending roses to one another. One can find different colors of roses available in the market. The different color of roses determines the feelings behind the sentiments behind them. If someone presents their loved ones with a red flower, it signifies love, whereas the yellow rose symbolizes friendship.

8th February – Propose Day:

Propose Day is celebrated on the 8th of February. The day holds great importance, and loved ones propose to their partner on this day and ask them to stay forever or lifelong or ask them whether they like to be your valentine. This day gives a remarkable beginning to your love life and is seen as the first step to moving along with the happily ever after concept.

9th February – Chocolate Day:

Who doesn’t love to eat chocolates? Chocolate provides a sweet gesture to your love beginning and adds more sweetness to your relationship. On this day, couples share chocolates to cherish their sweet memories.

10th February – Teddy Day:

Teddy Day is the celebration of your cute and cuddly partner with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. What’s better than a teddy for your teddy? It is said that a teddy can help your partner to leave all the stress behind and enjoy the day.

11th February – Promise Day:

Promises are underrated; however, they help to hold relationships for a longer time. Promise helps in bringing and building trust with your partner, and the words make your partner feel how much they are valued in their life. It shows commitment and everlasting support towards each other.

12th February – Hug Day:

Hugs are the best way of expressing love. Hugs make your bond stronger and increase the sense of trust and reliability in each other. The 6th day of Valentine Week is celebrated as hug day. A couple celebrates this day to increase their love for each other. It indicates that the two partners love and cherish one another’s love on this day.

13th February – Kiss Day:

Make sure to give your Valentine kisses as it is the most romantic feeling. There’s nothing better than getting a kiss from your partner, especially when it’s a dark sky and the light that comes from the moon. Don’t be afraid of offering kisses, and give kisses all of a sudden to amaze them and bring a smile to their face. In addition, forehead kisses can help resolve the most difficult problems of your relationship.

14th February – Valentine’s Day:

Finally, the most-awaited and exquisite day of the weeklong celebration of romance and love meets an ultimate Valentine’s Day. On Lover’s Day, couples spend time together and shower one another with gifts and show their love for one another by making lovely gestures and having a day filled with love, joy, and happiness.

Go for dinner or cook together and have it under the open sky. Make sure that this day makes you feel the love you deserve and relax in the arms of your partner.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Week: Plan Everything with RailRecipe

1) Binge Watch Together

The best way to spend time together is on a movie date. The movie doesn’t mean choosing only romantic movies; Try any film you find on the wishlist of both. You can watch all the movies with OTT platforms simply by signing in with your account. It means you can take advantage and make Valentine‘s Day worth enjoying.

2) Travel and Explore

Are you a travel freak and bored of being in a room for long periods? Here are the top Valentine ideas to celebrate this week of love. Make plans to spend time in your favorite locations. It could be any place you both enjoy visiting or want to explore. Make sure to capture some sweet and romantic moments of love when you visit there. You can surprise your partner with good food during your journey by ordering food on the train from RailRecipe.

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3) Bookworm Couple

If you and your beloved soul are bookworms? You can spend the whole week at the library with the book you love most. Ask your partner about their favorite books. These Valentine’s Day plans will help you understand each other’s preferences a little more and make your bond stronger. Therefore, get moving! Grab a pen and paper and make a list of the best books you would like to offer your soulmate this valentine’s.

4) Shopping: Definitely Yes

What is something that you and your partner enjoy the most? Shopping! Make this week your most productive and enjoyable by visiting the shops. Explore antique stores or any other shop that you both want to spend time in. Additionally, you can spend time in dress shops looking for the perfect outfit for both of you. This Valentine’s Day, take your loved one shopping and spend a little extra time together.

5) Plan Destination for Traveling

Traveling can be a great experience, and if you do it with your soulmate, the memories will not be forgotten till their lifetime. Make sure to make your valentine’s week full of memorable moments by traveling with your partner. Explore the location on the to-do list with them. It’s the perfect idea for Valentine Week for couples who love to travel.


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All You Need To Know About The Valentine Week ❤️

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