Haunted Railway Stations in India

Paranormal Activity has always been an interesting topic of discussion no matter what’s your age group is. Whether it is haunted railway stations or paranormal activity everyone gets haunted by the supernatural presence  around them especially in silent dark nights, at abandoned places, at unknown tourist destinations as you are doubtful on how holy the place is or in the confusion of whether any haunted incidents had occurred at that place? Even natives of the place may escalate your doubt saying they have heard but not seen personally about the haunted stories of their place and you feel maybe they are hiding something. If you reading this blog while traveling via don’t forget to order food in train with RailRecipe

Ghosts, paranormal activities, supernatural elements seem natural by many because of our psychological fear. To add to our fear, movies & novels had played a very critical role since our childhood days by authenticating that paranormal activities are real & true. Although not every people have felt unusual paranormal activities in life, still there have been many untold Haunted Railway Stations documented using the camera, the sight of strange shadows, and hearing of strange sounds of cries, laughs, and whispers.

Let’s know about the 8 Most Haunted Railway Stations in India

Barog Railway Station, Shimla

 Located in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, this small Railway station with allotted code BOF has local tales about the ghost of Colonel Barog. A British Railway Engineer shot himself at Barog Tunnel no. 33 out of sheer depression.

The reason behind this suicide was the punishment where the British government has penalized him for a miscalculation made by him while aligning two tunnels, which disturbed him to the extent that he shot himself dead while walking through the tunnel with his pet dog. He was buried in front of Kalka. Shimla highway about 1 km from Barog. To believe the stories, natives have seen ghosts of Colonel Barog lingering around the city and tunnel talking to people and sharing a laugh. In contrast, others believe something mysterious, eerie & scary in the tunnel.

Dombivli Railway Station, Mumbai

 Being an important city in Kalyan Dombivli, the twin city of Thane district, Dombivli Railway Station offers true terror. Dombivli Kopar Rail Crossing: This crossing has taken the lives of many crossings, and to believe locals, those who come under the influence of evil spirits, lose their consciousness and stand in the middle of the railway track without any reason.

To believe people, while catching his train for work, a man had seen an office-going woman in the age of 40-50 years crying and waiting for the train. When he asked her why she was crying, her explanation was like this “she wanted to go home, but can’t. The next day, that man discussed this with a friend seeing that same woman crying & waiting for the train. But to add to his fear, his friend could not see any such women over there.

Naini Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh

To believe the locals, the station has spirits of freedom fighters who died in Naini Jail near Railway Station. Though spirits are harmless, anyone can feel their presence at the Naini Railway Station.

Begunkodor Station, West Bengal

Being a hamlet in the Purulia district of West Bengal, the locals and railway personnel have seen women draped in white Saree walking along the lonely tracks. Many railway personnel has died in fear of seeing the spirit. Many say the woman may have committed suicide or run over by the train. However, the government announced this story as just a rumor and opened in 2009 after 42 years for travelers.

 Chittoor Railway Station, Andhra Pradesh

Chittoor is famous as a haunted place because of one CRPF, Jawan Hari Singh from Jharkhand, who, while traveling on a New Delhi- bound Kerala Express, was attacked by his fellow CRPF & TTE and got severely injured. He decided to drop down in the middle of his journey at Chittoor in the early hours of the day in the wake of getting some emergency medical help. However, unfortunately, they succumbed to death after ten days in the hospital. Many travelers and locals say they have seen the spirit of Hari Singh wandering on Railway Track in search of justice.

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Mulund Railway Station, Mumbai

Mulund Railway Station is another haunted railway station on the central line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway Station. Locals say the evil spirits of people who died while crossing the road haunt them in and around the railway tracks at midnight.

Ludhiana Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh

Being one of the busiest railway stations, Ludhiana Stations is believed to be haunted because of one railway employee named Subhash, a Computer Reservation System Officer died while working in Computer Reservation Room in the year 2004. To believe the story, it was his passion for the job that has not let him leave the Computer Reservation Room and whosoever has worked in that room has a complaint of serious health issues.

Bhan Kari Railway Station, Alwar Rajashthan

Rajasthan is full of haunted stories especially when it comes to Havelis especially Bhangarh fort known as the fort of ghosts. Bhan Kari Railways Station is the most nearest railway station to Bhangarh Fort lying at a distance of 45 minutes. Situated at most haunted locations of India, visiting Bhan Kari Station itself gives shivers as you become very near to the fort of ghosts “Bhangarh fort”.


Though we present all the haunted railway stations of India, we would also like to make it clear that RailRecipe does not believe in such ghost stories and has shared the above fictional local tales available everywhere on digital platforms. Also, RailRecipe supports the fact that many psychologists and scientists believe it to be a faulty activity of the brain. However the haunted railway stations stories is always interesting to talk about.

Moreover, we suggest it a must to board at these railway stations as locals are residing along with these railway stations and these stations are also undergoing beautification and cleaning drive from time to time as per the proposed rail budget of India.

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Know The Truth of 8 Most Haunted Railway Stations in India

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