The 10 Best Restaurants Near Siliguri Town Station

Are you want to enjoy lip-smacking dishes near Siliguri town station? Or Are you searching for the best restaurants to enjoy tastier cuisine near Siliguri town station? Then you come across the right page because here we genuinely guide you to the top restaurants with affordable cuisine pricing near Siliguri town station. After hours of research, we have narrowed the list of The 10 Best Restaurants Near Siliguri Town Station. The restaurants we have listed for you are the Best Restaurants for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. 

Who We Are

RailRecipe is a train food delivery vendor that provides a tastier and healthier unlimited food menu to train passengers across India. The Railrecipe delivers food from FSSAI-certified Top Restaurants. We provide food on the train or at the railway station in a timely and cost-effective manner.

4 Easy Steps to Ordering Food from RailRecipe

1) Enter your PNR number into Railrecipe Website and App

2) Add to the cart food that you want to have

3) Pay online or in cash at the time of delivery

4) Food will deliver to you on time 

Advantages of Using RailRecipe to Order Food

  • Food ordering online on RaailRecipe is a quite simple process.
  • Getting an abundance of food options, and Different thalis ( Jain Thali, Non-Veg Thali, Pure Veg Thali, Maharaja Thali)
  • On-time Delivery to the passenger’s preferred train seat
  • The RailRecipe menu’s reasonable pricing is suitable for all 
  • Group food orders or bulk food orders qualify for special discounts.
  • Passengers get food from Top Reastuatnts (FSSAI certified)
  • Deliver a hygienic meal to consumer
  • Excellent food packaging prevents leaking
  • Provide updates on ordered food via the customer’s registered mobile number and email address.
  • RailRecipe Customer Service is supportive.
  • Get their passengers to actually bring food from home.
  • Save passengers from poor food at stalls and pantries.
  • There are no delivery charges.

Why should you trust on RailRecipe?

  • Company with ISO Certification
  • Official E-catering partner of the IRCTC
  • Top Restaurant Partner with FSSAI Certification
  • There are no hidden fees.
  • Transparent meal pricing
  • Delivered to over 600 stations throughout India.
  • The company has over 2500 restaurant partners.
  • The company till Delivered food to over 8500 trains
  • The percentage of orders from repeat customers is 66.
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  • The rating is 4.6/5.

The 10 Best Restaurants Near Siliguri Town Station

1) Dhaba by Amber

It is well-known for its North Indian cuisine and specialty vegetarian dishes such as vegetable pulao with a special type of Raita. The Dhaba by Amber Vegetarian thali and beverages are extremely popular. But what about Vegetarian thali and beverages on the train? Then place Your Order on RailRecipe for Vegetarian Thali and Beverages. Your order will be delivered right to your seat. The price of Vegetarian Thali and Beverages or other RailRecipe dishes is much more affordable than Dhaba by Amber. The taste is just above super because we deliver from a Top FSSAI certified restaurant that makes North Indian Cuisine or Any vegetarian thalis in a hygienic way and right masala quantity.

2) Brothers Garage Restaurant

Famous for its Chinese, Indian, Asian, Healthy, Soups, and Nepalese cuisine. Do you want to try these recipes? Don’t worry, instead of ‘Brothers Garage Restaurant,’ you can get any Chinese, Indian, or Asian Cuisine like Noodles, or Chinese Rice, on your railway seat or station by ordering food from railrecipe. RailRecipe delivers your ordered food from top restaurants that are FSSAI certified. They prepare food with the appropriate quantity of masalas and masalas that they used contain hidden ingredients.

3) Sartaj A.C. Restaurant

Sartaj A.C. Restaurant is well-known for its vegetarian dishes, but its non-vegetarian dishes such as chicken curry, chicken roll, and chicken kofta are also delicious. However, the prices of Sartaj A.C. Restaurant dishes are quite high. If you go to Sartaj A.C. Restaurant with your family, you will have to pay an amount comparable to the total lunch price for just one plate of chicken curry.

For our customers, we have a variety of flavor chicken rolls, chicken kofta, and vegetarian dishes that are super tasty and delivered at an affordable price. So why not give Railrecipe a shot? Chicken roll, chicken curry, and other dishes

4) VegaNation

It is well-known for its Cafe, European, Healthy, and Middle Eastern cuisines. Its Mix Veg Momos, Chicken Momos, and Peri Peri French Fries is a must-try dish at VegaNation, but it has some drawbacks, such as the fact that it costs more than a single plate of momos at other comparable restaurants. Tastier Mix Veg Momos, Chicken Momos, and Peri Peri French Fries are also available on RailRecipe, which passengers appreciate because RailRecipe delivers on time and at a reasonable price.

5) The Coffee Shop

As we discovered about The Coffee Shop, they offer super tasty menus such as chicken pizza and chicken Biryani. This restaurant is well-known for its non-vegetarian and North Indian cuisine. But what if you want to eat non-vegetarian food like chicken momos, chicken pizza, chicken or mutton biryani, and North Indian dishes like malai kofta with masala chaap in your train berth in Siliguri Town? With Railrecipe, you can get all of these foods rapidly at your seat.

6) Sagar Family Restaurant

Its flavorful French Plum Crepes and Butterscotch Pudding are popular. However, these are only available at Sagar Family Restaurant in the afternoon, for lunch, and dinner. They are unable to provide these cuisines or deserts for breakfast. If you want Sagar Family Restaurant Butterscotch Pudding delivered to your train seat, they won’t be able to do so because they don’t have a customer delivery service. However, RailRecipe provides delivery service throughout India, so if you want flavorful French Plum Crepes and Butterscotch Pudding at Siliguri Town station, you can simply place your order, and you will get flavorful French Plum Crepes and Butterscotch Pudding to your desired location.

7)  Jaiswal Restaurants 

You will find various flavors of Vegetarian Rice such as muttor allo pulao, Soyabean pulao, Oats pulao, or khichdi, and it has tastier vegetarian biryani has taste incredible but they do not provide a delivery facility.

RailRecipe can deliver tastier vegetarian rice dishes such as muttor allo pulao, soybean pulao, oats pulao, khichdi, etc., from top restaurants to your preferred station and seat.

8) Sona Ki Rasoi

It is well-known for its Jain thali, as well as veg and non-veg thali. But how do you get its tremendous thali dishes onto your train seat? Then you have only one option: place an order on RailRecipe, your true lifelong friend, and put an end to your hunger for Jain food or pure vegetarian food. You will be served a special veg biryani or veg thali with premier taste at your seat.

9) Maharaja Restaurant

Want to have a Maharaja Thali (maharaja-style food) on the train that tastes exactly like Maharaja Restaurant Maharaja Food? The only way to get purely Maharaja food on the train is to order from Railrecipe. You will enjoy Maharaja Food from RailRecipe. RailRecipe has a Maharaja different thali menu as well as different maharaja desserts and curry that you will undoubtedly adore. Try it out and leave us a comment about your RailRecipe Maharaja Cuisine experience.

10) Punjabi Kadhai

This restaurant only serves Punjabi food that tastes incredible and does not deliver to their customers’ preferred location, whereas RailRecipe also serves Punjabi food (Punjabi Naan, Sarso ka Saag, Makke ki Roti, Chaaj,) and delivers to their customers’ preferred location. So why not reap the benefits of making Railrecipe your true partner for all of your hunger?

The Advantages of ordering food from RailRecipe over railway station restaurants

  • The ordering process is extremely simple.
  • We bring food to your berth or station.
  • Completely online food ordering and delivery


The 10 Best Restaurants Near Siliguri Town Station – RailRecipe

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