India's First Underwater Metro Train

Our country India is moving forward on the path of development. Every year it introduces new technologies for the use of common people. There was a time when trains and local public transport were the only options for traveling. Passengers used to suffer due to slow speeds and traffic jams. But nowadays, we have many options like high-speed express trains, trams, airplanes, private vehicles, and being built underwater metro trains. In all of the mentioned above, the use of the metro has gained traction for daily use in major Indian cities.

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In Kolkata, the idea of the underground metro train was conceived by the then-honorable chief minister of West Bengal Bidhan Chandra Roy in the year of 1950s. The first metro system was introduced in Kolkata and ran on 24th October 1984 between Dam Dam to Tollygunge.

After the introduction of metro railways in Kolkata many cities started construction work for building metro trains in their respective cities like Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Noida, Kochi, Nagpur, Kanpur, and Pune etc. Apart from that there are also some new cities in our country where the underground metro train is still under construction like Patna, Surat, Navi Mumbai, Meerut, Indore, Bhopal, and Agra.

India’s First Underwater Metro Train In Kolkata

India is going to introduce the country’s first underwater metro train in Kolkata. This would be one of the biggest achievements of our country in the field of transportation. The Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC) made a way under the Hooghly River in Kolkata and it is said that this underwater metro train is all set to be fully operational by 2023 end. They are planning to construct twin tunnels over 500 meters in order to connect the East and West corridors.

Here, in this article, I am pointing out the main highlights of the Kolkata underwater metro train project.

  • Kolkata Metro achieved another milestone by creating history by successfully conducting the trial run of the underwater metro train through the tunnel beneath the Hooghly River.
  • The Metro covered its maiden journey of 4.8 km from “Howrah Maidan” to ‘Esplanade stations’ with only officials and engineers on board.
  • The making of this underwater tunnel was not an easy job as the planning and designing of this tunnel took approximately 360 days.
  • The tunnel is 13m below the Hooghly riverbed and 33m below ground level.
  • Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) was used in making this underwater tunnel.
  • Kolkata metro rail corporation conducted research in 13 countries that are experts in underwater techniques.
  • This underwater metro train is a historic moment for Kolkata because the city saw the inauguration of the nation’s first metro in 1984.
  • The metro train will travel at a speed of 80km/h in the tunnel below the Hooghly Riverbed.
  • It is expected that the metro will cover a 520m stretch in just 45 seconds.
  • The 520m tunnel is part of the East-West Metro Corridor of Kolkata.
  • The 16 km long metro rail line has 10.8 km of underground sections.
  • Along this metro route from Salt Lake Sector 5 to Salt Lake Stadium, there will be metro stations at Karunamayee, Central Park, City Center, and Bengal Chemical.
  • The project will also link the Esplanade station of the Kolkata Metro’s North-South line with the railway stations in Howrah and Sealdah.
  • The underwater metro route between Howrah and Sealdah will cut down the travel time to 40 minutes from 1.5 hours taken by road.
  • The underwater tunnels are built by KMRCL (Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Limited) whose advanced technology is used by Eurostar, a famous undersea tunnel train running between Paris and London.
  • It is said that the underwater tunnels are as deep as the length of a 10-floor building.
  • According to the sources, the entire cost of the tunnel is INR 60 crores. It is assumed that the total cost of the train route is approximately INR 9000 crores.
  • According to the engineers and main officials, the walkways are the hardest part of the construction project.

Obstruction in Kolkata Underground Metro Train Project

  • Making this tunnel under the water was not an easy task because it had to face several challenges and the completion of the total project was delayed owing to accidents in the Bowbazar area of central Kolkata.
  • On 31st August 2019, a tunnel boring machine hit and many buildings collapsed in Bowbazar.
  • Several houses and other buildings were damaged again in the month of May 2022 due to ground subsidence caused by water seepage during work for joining the tunnels.
  • The underground water seepage again caused cracks in 12 buildings at Madan Dutta Lane on October 14, 2022, and this was the last accident to affect the completion of the project.

Benefits of Underwater Metro train

The Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation created history by successfully completing the trial of the underwater metro train under the bed of the Hooghly River. This project was much needed as our country is hugely populated and a large number of people use trains/ metro trains for their daily traveling purposes. There are several advantages of this underwater metro train project that are mentioned below:

  • Less Travel Time

The East-West Metro corridor is a most-awaited project as it will connect Howrah Maidan and Sector V in Kolkata. It is expected that this will reduce the travel time between Howrah and Sealdah to 40 minutes.

  • Transportation Infrastructure

It is said that the metro line will boost connectivity and also enhance the transportation infrastructure in Kolkata. This underwater metro train will provide a convenient and efficient mode of travel for passengers.

  • Unique Features

The underwater metro train tunnel is a unique feature and this is a remarkable engineering feat. This tunnel is built 13 meters below the riverbed of the Hooghly River and the making of these tunnels was a challenging job for the engineers.


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This underwater metro train in Kolkata will be a revolutionary thing because it will revolutionize the way people travel in the city. This metro train facility will set a new benchmark in the future for transportation infrastructure in India. Now, passengers can order food on train from RailRecipe.

Kolkata Created History With Trial of Underwater Metro Train

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