Indian Railways to Add More Innovation for Safer Travel Post COVID19

People want to travel, but they want the governing agencies to ensure that every step is taken to ensure safety during their conveyance. With Indian government now focusing on the “Aatmanirbhar” or self-reliant schemes, a lot of indigenous innovations are cropping up to improves every sector. Indian Railways has already taken a lot of innovations into consideration for improving upon the travel in post-COVID-19 era. RailRecipe has already discussed on few of these innovations which are being implemented to ensure safer travel experience. In a recent development, few of the added innovation which was underway is something we would love to update apart from the earlier enlisted ones.

Here are a few innovations that will ensure passenger comfort and a better future in Rail travel:

  • Installation of Natural Water coolers: Putting innovation into drinking water facility, Indian Railways has already established contactless water dispensers or foot-operated water dispensers. Apart from this, Railways is installing natural water cooler systems that will run on zero electric consumption with a life span of almost 10 years. This incredible water system will work on the principle of heat transfer.
  • A Bell Alert System for Final Boarding: Also known as the – Alert Bell! This platform bell will alert all passengers to take place on their seats as the train will be departing in another 2 minutes.
  • Advanced Closed Circuit TV Monitoring: Even though the CCTV surveillance systems were installed, they were not being monitored. Now with the new advance innovation, the CCTV footage in all coaches will be monitored in real-time with each journey. This will bring 100% safety to the passengers!
  • Contactless Ticketing Services: In wake of CoronaVirus pandemic and keeping in mind the passenger’s health safety, Indian Railways will be installing an intelligent system through which unreserved tickets can be issued through mobile apps and Bluetooth printers. These UTS devices will also work on lithium-ion batteries and SIM cards for better functioning.
  • Modern Vehicular System: This would be implemented for the safety of Railway officials who had to travel to monitor track temperature and speed. An ultrasonic flaw detector for rails. Till now, this was being done manually. The vehicular system will help the authorities to monitor the speed and temperature of tracks.

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When Will These Innovations Be Implemented?

The Railway Board has announced the implementations of the curated innovations in all zones over the next three months. The interesting developments by the Railways guarantee passenger comfort and complete health safety! These steps are being undertaken to ensure the safety and for re-instating the normal travel schedule of trains.

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Indian Railways to Add More Innovation for Safer Travel Post COVID19

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