Indian railways redesign in lower seat berth

As New Year celebrations are about to begin, Indian Railways is out with its happy message on why train travelers need to celebrate the upcoming New Year 2021. As per the latest report, Indian Railways are busy furnishing exclusive work of adding new components to existing side lower berth for peaceful sleep and improving posture for a healthy back so that travelers can maintain everyday health. If you used to feel sleeping on slide lower berth of the train as if you were sleeping joining two chairs together. Soon you will discover a new sleeping experience on the lower berth for an altogether next level of experience. Well, all thanks to Indian Railways!!

New Design of Side Lower Birth will Provide More Comfort to Passengers

As you can in the pictures illustrated below, Indian Railways have designed a light-weighted, flexible bed-like long plank which you may find standing alongside the lower berth. Its light weight makes it easy to place this plank on the top of side lower berth after you have lowered both the back resting sides of the berth.

Indian railway new side lower birth

The decision to work on innovating design has been taken after Indian Railways felt most of the travelers avoid booking lower birth as they find it uncomfortable to sleep on and complain of back pain. Therefore to address Train Traveler’s health issues and encourage them to book more side lower berths, Indian Railways have planned, designed, and introduced additional component of side lower berth by December 2020 to introduce in 2021 in a phased manner, which is being viewed as a convenient design to unfold by any train traveler.

The project has been started with 105 numbers coaches on reserved trains which will get added in every train gradually with time. This would be the best new year gift from the Indian Railways that will improve the travel experience much better.

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Therefore Best New Year messages in 2021 for train travelers seems to be Sleep Better, Eat Better to Lead Better in 2021.

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Sleep well and the Sweetest of Dreams in Trains!

Indian Railways New Year Message to its Travelers for an Amazing 2021

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