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South India has become one of the best travel destinations with time. It seems all the nature-loving people now want to try some unique locations full of greeneries and soulful foods. Thinking about the word “South India” itself, brings the pictures of Fluffy Idlis, Tangy Sambhar & Rasam, Creamy Chutneys, Puffy Uttpams, and Crispy Dosas in mind and we start wishing that if somebody could serve us right away. Moreover, trying this South Indian Food sitting in North Indian Restaurants is like missing on authentic dining experience served on a banana leaf and the unique food culture of South India.

RailRecipe brings you the original & traditional foods you must try to savor on Trains with RailRecipe in South India. We serve you South Indian Food in Train to the seat from the nearest best restaurants. Take a look at the eight delicious South Indian foods that are a must-try with RailRecipe when you travel in South India:

  1. Masala Dosa: Made using fermented rice & lentil batter, perfect & aromatic Crepes are stuffed with spiced potatoes (masala) which are then sautéed with curry leaves and mustard leaves to add to its taste. Soulful Dosa is usually savored hot with tangy Sambhar & freshly ground coconut chutney is a common traditional thali cooked as everyday meals in south Indian houses. From Plain Dosa to Mysore Dosa, from Rava Dosa to Onion Rava Dosa to Masala Dosa, you may have it as any meal of the day and will surely gonna find it as most sumptuous & tasty. Similar to Masala Dosa, Appams with Istew is yet another popular everyday South Indian thin crepe commonly served with vegetable, chicken & mutton curries. It is preferred by all those people who love eating spicy vegetable, chicken & mutton gravy instead of tangy Sambhar & Rasam.

Masala Dosa

  1. Idli: Generally described as soft & fluffy steamed rice pancakes, every nutritionist advises to go for it as it is light and easy to digest hence suggested as a healthy breakfast to start the day with. Idlis are made after steaming the batter of fermented parboiled rice and lentil instead of spreading over Tawa as we do for preparing crepes of Masala Dosa. It is too served with tangy sambhar & fresh coconut chutneys and has been accepted as the world’s healthiest food to eat & even recommended to the patient by doctors.


  1. Vada: Nicknamed as Indian Doughnuts, Medu means soft and Vada means soft crispy deep-fried spiced fritters generally served with Sambhar & coconut chutney as dumplings, it is one of the easiest breakfast option available in South Indian Menus. It is made by soaking and grinding lentils especially “Urad Dal” batter and gives a perfectly balanced taste of lentils when fried fresh & served hot with Tangy Sambhar & fresh coconut chutney.

Medu Vada

  1. Uttapam: Similar in size & look to Italian Pizza, Uttapam are yet another popular spiced pancakes generally served hot and taste best with original filter coffee made using fresh coffee beans. Uttapam is made from a sour spiced batter of dosa and garnished with a good amount of finely chopped vegetables such as onion, tomatoes & capsicums at the and has a nutritional value. Savored hot even with fresh coconut chutney, it is everyone’s delight and best to be eaten as breakfast and evening snacks. A must-try South Indian food! Highly delicious!!


  1. Banana Wafers/Chips: Believed as the healthiest munching option for anyone, Banana Chips are rich in potassium, fiber, iron, fat & natural sugar and can be savored as snacks alone or with tea, coffee & even cold drinks. It is generally deep-fried after mixing raw banana cut slices with salt & light spices and is sometimes sauté with curry leaves to induce original south Indian taste. One of the essential food items to carry in your bag, it helps you in those difficult times when you have absolutely nothing to eat outside.

banana chips

  1. Achappam: Another munching option, Achappam are fried fritters made by dipping batter of rice flour, coconut milk in a flower-ringed mold and can be enjoyed as desserts when served in sugar syrup or as snacks with tea, coffee when made using salt in the batter. The most unique and beautifully shaped crunchy desserts are awesome in taste and are perfect dessert and rare to find everywhere. A must-try option if you are in South India.


  1. Whole Fish Fry & Fish Curry in Coconut: Spicy fish curry with coconut milk are not to be missed when you visit South India. Uniquely prepared recipes with tamarind extract, curry leaves, simmered with fish, coconut paste& kokum. It is excellent when served with steamed rice and salad. Try whole fish curry made with prawn, shrimps, tuna in coconut milk & whole fried King Fish ” Surmai” steamed in a banana leaf for a unique experience.

Whole fry fish

  1. Mysore Pak: Originated in the city of Mysuru, Karnataka, Mysore Pak is now world-famous sweets where Mysore means “A place in states of Karnataka” and Pak means “Sweets”. Prepared using a good amount of pure ghee, gram flour, sugar & cardamom in a unique way this most royal & authentic sweet has undoubtedly helped Mysore retain its royal image. A Crispy yummy and authentic sweet in pure ghee must buy in South India.


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