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Do you also like to travel via train during the wedding season or on any vacation? Do you also look for an entire coach to book for your travelling gang? Or are you searching for information related to how to book a coach in train for vacation or wedding purposes? Then, you are at the right place. I am here to solve all your problems related to coach booking by providing you with all information related to this specific topic. People often say that the best memories can be made during a train journey. It iss quite true as well because trains are one of the most comfortable and convenient modes of transportation in our country.

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The imagination of “Incredible India” is totally incomplete without Indian Railways because railways are the backbone of our country. From high-class people to low and middle-class people train facility is available for everyone no matter from which category they came because train tickets are usually very affordable so anyone can afford them. If you want to see the real beauty of India then you should definitely experience a train journey once in your life. The train is not only just a means of transportation because nothing can beat sitting by a window seat, unlimited gossip, delicious food, a cup of tea in hand and enjoying the breathtaking scenes.

How to Book A Coach in Train For Wedding or Vacation?

As we all know that wedding season is around the corner so people are planning for weddings like outfits, gifts and how to reach the desired destination. In our country, people often prefer group travelling at weddings or on vacations. This blog is to let you all know how to book a coach in train. Booking a group ticket on Indian Railways is not a big deal if you know the entire process. IRCTC provides services for booking single or group tickets. IRCTC is a well-known company that is entirely owned by the Government of India and works under the Ministry of Railways.

Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) provide services like tourism, food plazas, and tickets booking facilities. You can easily book your group tickets from IRCTC official website or you can also book your group train tickets by contacting the controlling officer or chief Reservation Supervisor of the concerned reservation office in order to make permission to book tickets for more passengers. Here, step by step process for booking group ticket process is mentioned below.

Note: Train passengers should carry valid identity proof with them during the journey.

What is the Process to Book A Train Coach?

Firstly, you have to decide where you want to travel and how many people are travelling with you. Then, you have to make a proper list of passengers with their full names and age details. If you want to book an entire coach then you have to meet the chief reservation officer at the nearby station. If you planning to travel for the wedding then you need to take that wedding as valid proof. You have to hand over the list of passengers. The chief reservation officer will check the availability of the seats on the same date and timings then according to the availability of seats he will let you know and will give you further details.

As per the availability of seats and as per the situation he will guide if all the passengers will be accommodated in one compartment or they will be scattered in different groups. After confirming the availability of seats you have to pay for the tickets and booking amount and get the tickets booked according to the date of the journey. Always make sure that each and every passenger should carry their respective identity proof like an Aadhar card or any other identity proof.

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Note: If you are travelling by train then you should always carry your identity proof in order to avoid any inconvenience.

Some important points:

  • There are some important points that one should need to know before booking a coach for a group travelling through FTR services.
  • No matter how many people are travelling with you but cannot book more than 7 coaches.
  • If you are planning to travel with your group and book an entire coach then you should have to book the coach 30 days before the journey date. However, you can book your coach a maximum of 6 months before the date of the journey.
  • You should have to know about the exact fare details of each coach.

Terms and Conditions For FTR Registration

Train journeys can be unforgettable and memorable at the same time. That is why many people in our country choose the train for their travelling purposes. There are certain Terms and Conditions that one should know before FTR Registration:

1. Booking Period: You should always make sure that FTR registration can be done a maximum of 6 months in advance so, always book your tickets according to the booking period. The minimum booking time is 30 days before the journey date.

2. Payment Awareness: If you are also planning to book an entire coach then you should be aware of fraud people. The party will provide booking type, journey details of coaches, and route. The party will get a reference number and registration amount to be paid, after the submission of the request. After that, the party will have to pay the registration amount against provided reference number to get the FTR number. You should have to receive the payment of the registration amount within 6 days (including the FTR request submission day). The FTR reference number will be flushed after 6 days.

3. Payment of Fare: This is advised by IRCTC that the full amount of payment should be paid 7 working days in advance or before the date intimated by IRCTC. Payment should be made as online transactions only.

4. Security Deposit: The party will provide the booking type, journey details of coaches, and a route of other details as in the online form along with the payment of registration cum security deposit of Rs. 50,000/-per coach. The party will be provided with an automatically generated reference number after the payment is made. This reference number may be quoted for all future correspondences.

5. Cancellation Policy: Before booking an entire coach you should know the details about cancellation polity because after making the payment if you want to cancel or extend your journey then you do not face any inconvenience. Some of the details about the cancellation policy are mentioned below:

  • 5% of the security deposit will be charged if the FTR request is cancelled by the party before the receipt of provisional/ final approval is intimated by IRCTC.
  • 50% of the chargeable fare is charged as cancellation charges If the cancellation is done within four hours of the scheduled departure of the train or afterwards.
  • If the requisition of special train/ coaches is cancelled two days in advance before the scheduled day of the journey or earlier, 10% of Rs. 50,000/- per coach will be charged as cancellation charges.
  • 25% of the chargeable fare is charged as cancellation charges if the cancellation is done one day in advance (excluding g the day of the journey) and up to four hours before the scheduled departure of the train.
  • No charges will be levied in case the FTR request is found unfeasible/cancelled on IRCTC/Railway account. The full deposit will be refunded in such cases.

6. Permissible number of coaches:

  • Coach Booking: This is to let you know that party can book maximum 10 numbers of coaches on FTR in a single train in one hour program.
  • Train Booking: One party can book a maximum of 24 coaches in the FTR train including 2 mandatory SLR coaches.
  • Refund Process: If you are planning to travel via train with your entire group then you will definitely book an entire coach but sometimes it happens that after making payment we use cancel our journey due to any reason then you don’t need to worry because Indian Railway had mentioned their refund policy in order to avoid any further inconvenience.
  • In case of cancellation, either by a party or by Railway, a refund will be processed as per the existing manual process through the Chief Commercial Manager (PM) of the concerned Railway.

7. Registration Amount: Before booking your train or coach one must be aware of the amount of train or coach bookings.

  • Coach Booking: The registration amount for booking a coach up to 7 days of the tour journey period is Rs. 50,000/-per coach. Beyond 7 day tour journey period, an additional Rs.10,000/- per day per coach will be payable and added to the registration amount.
  • Train Booking: The registration amount for booking of a train, for a minimum of 18 coaches and up to 7 days of the tour journey period is Rs. 9,00,000. Beyond 18 passenger coaches, an additional Rs. The 50,000/-per coach will be added to the registration amount. For a tour period beyond 7 days, an additional Rs. 10,000 per day per coach will be added to the registration amount.

8. Registration of coaches/trains will never guarantee you the allotment of coaches/trains.

Other Rules and Conditions

The amount mentioned in this blog may change in case of any revision by the Railway Ministry from time to time. Getting registration does not mean that Indian railways are giving you a guarantee of the supply of coaches or trains. Next time whenever you plan to travel via train then do not forget to read all the rules and regulations mentioned by IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourist Corporation). This will be subject to operational feasibility and availability of coaches in Indian Railways.

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How to Book a Coach in Train? Know IRCTC Rules and Regulations

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