Delhi to Nainital Train:

Travelling by Delhi to the Nainital train will be more fun than any other flight journey. The train journey is remarkable because it makes you cross all the beautiful destinations and enjoy the scenic view by peeping through the window. A single train journey has the power to create many tales at a time. You meet with a group of random strangers, become friends, and enjoy the view while eating your favourite rail food.

In addition to all these perks, you can also carry as much luggage as you want while travelling. Travelling is a temporary escape from your regular work life. Nainital is famous as the lake district of India and one of the mesmerizing hill stations of India that one should visit.

Explore About the Lake District Nainital

Nainital, the city, is surrounded by hills from three sides and has well-connected roadways to have a motorbike ride. You will experience the captivating panoramic view while roaming around the roads of Nainital with the coverage of Himalayan peaks on one side and plains to make travelling easier for tourists.

You must be planning for a journey to Nainital that makes you land on this page. If it is all about refreshment and solitude, I suggest you spend extra hours travelling via train instead of flight. Moreover, you don’t miss booking food on a train from RailRecipe. The advantages of travelling by train over flight include the perk of viewing the stunning and panoramic landscapes. Here we are listing the 3 best Delhi to Nainital trains that help you plan your trip accordingly.

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Top 3 Delhi to Nainital Trains

1) Ranikhet Express

Ranikhet Express starting from the city Jaisalmer covers a distance of 1217 kilometres with 41 stops along the way. The train departs from Jaisalmer at 1 hour in the afternoon. It arrives in Delhi at 9:10 pm, and after halting for an hour and a half minutes, the train continues its journey until Kathgodam. It has complete stops at 10 stations between Delhi to Nainital. Although it’s the slowest train that runs from Delhi to Nainital, many people choose it due to its punctuality and cleanliness.

2) Kathgodam Shatabdi Express

When it comes to the fastest train that helps you reach Nainital from Delhi in a shorter period, you must undoubtedly go with the Kathgodam Shatabdi express. The origin station for the train is the New Delhi Railway station. It has 6 stops before reaching Kathgodam, including Ghaziabad, Moradabad, Rampur, Rudrapur City, Lal Kuan, and Haldwani. The total distance covered during this journey is 281 km. The train departs from New Delhi at 06:20 am and finishes its journey in Kathgodam at around 11:40 am. The time required to travel is 5 hours 20 minutes. It is one of the most famous trains in Delhi to Nainital train routes.

3) UTR Sampark Kranti Express

The other option to reach Nainital is via the UTR SAMPRK EXPRESS. It departs at Delhi and ends at Kathgodam, 278 km away. The train operates every day and takes six-hour and 45 mins to get to its destination. There are 10 stops in the distance between Delhi as well as Kathgodam.

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Delhi To Nainital Train Fares

Let’s look at the cost of a train ticket from Delhi to Nainital, which starts at Rs. 120 in second class up to Kathgodam through Kathgodam Shatabdi Express train.

  • INR 120 in Second Seater (2S)
  • INR 1175 in First AC (1A)
  • INR 710 in Second AC (2A)
  • INR 425 in Chair Car (CC)
  • INR 1145 in Executive Class (EC)
  • INR 195 in Sleeper (SL)
  • INR 105 in None (GN)
  • INR 505 in Third AC (3A) in General Quota

The cost of a tatkal ticket and a premium tatkal ticket in Delhi to Nanital ranges from Rs 130 for a Second Seater (2S), Rs 560 for a Chair Car (CC), Rs 1565 for an Executive Class (EC), Rs 1540 for a Second AC (2A), Rs 1105 for a Third AC (3A), and Rs 395 for a Sleeper (SL).

How to order food on the train from Delhi to Nainital Train Route

To have fabulous flavourful healthier food on the train, then must order your lunch dinner, snacks, tea, coffee and so on from RailRecipe. To order food on trains from Delhi to Nainital, go to the RailRecipe website, where you can order your favourite cuisine and also you can get all the details on your PNR, train timetable, and train status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why aren’t there any direct trains connecting Delhi to Nainital train Directly?

A: Nainital is not equipped with its own railhead, which is why you can’t find any direct trains here.

Q: How far is Kathgodam from Nainital?

A: The distance between cities is 35 kilometres. It is possible to travel the distance on the road in just one hour.

Q: Can I get towards Nainital from Delhi via the road? What time does it take?

A: You can undoubtedly travel via road from Delhi to Nainital. The distance of the road between the two cities is 299 km, and it takes about 7 hours to cover the total distance.

Q: What number of trains run between Delhi and Kothgodam?

A: Three trains are operating between these two towns are mentioned below:

1)UTR Sampark Kranti Express

2)Kathgodam Shatabdi Express

3)Ranikhet Express

Q: What is the fastest route that runs from Delhi towards Kathgodam?

A: (12040) Shatabdi Express is one of the fastest trains between Delhi and Kathgodam routes. It takes 520 minutes and an hour to reach the destination.

Q: What is the most suitable time to go to Nainital?

Nainital is famous for its pleasant and cool climate. Suppose you’re hoping to take in the city during the winter months and enjoy the snow. If you’re hoping to take in the city during the winter months and enjoy the snow, you should visit from November to February.

Q: How many days is enough for Nainital?

A: You can explore Nainital in 2-3 days. This timing is enough to explore the main tourist destinations in Nainital.

Q: What are the must-see places in Nainital?

A: Here we are mentioning a few must-visit places that you explore in Nainital:

  • Naini Lake
  • Naina Devi Temple
  • Snow View Point
  • Mall Road
  • Himalaya Darshan Point
  • Lovers Point
  • Eco Cave Garden
  • Tiffin Top and many more.

Q: Can you safely visit Nainital amid the current pandemic?

A: It’s secure to visit these areas since the region is relatively safe and has few cases. However, please don’t rely on us for it. Do your research on the latest travel advice covid-19 regulations, as well as the number of cases that have occurred before you leave. It’s safer to travel on your own or travel with a small number of people to an area that isn’t busy in the present. To know more, read the information we share on quora.


Delhi to Nainital Train: The Ultimate Guide – RailRecipe

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