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The fantastic news has arrived! You may now celebrate birthday on train with friends and family, just as you would at home. Nearly all of the restaurants, banquet rooms, and houses celebrated our birthdays. You will be surprised to know that now you can celebrate birthday on train. Each of you will have a different experience thanks to the new announcement.

When you are cutting the cake, the train staff will perform a happy birthday song and bring the cake for you. This service is provided by IRCTC on the Tejas Express train. IRCTC also selects travelers to win surprise gifts through random lotteries.

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IRCTC has worked very hard recently to enhance and sell its services. The cost of the celebratory cake is not added to the ticket price by Indian Railways in any other additional expenses. Additionally, RailRecipe has been delivering cakes inside trains for a long time.

Birthday Celebration on Tejas Express

Your birthday is a crucial turning point in your life, hence the IRCTC has decided to celebrate birthday on train. IRCTC announced celebrating the Birthday and giving surprise gifts to lucky passengers once the Tejas Express operation restarted on August 6. Tejas Express is renowned for being the first private train operated by Indian Railways, therefore it is a reason to celebrate surviving another year.

Do Trains Other Than Tejas Express Allow Us to Celebrate Birthday?

You can always celebrate birthday on train other than Tejas express. To do this, order a cake for your birthday in advance using the RailRecipe website or App. The cake will be delivered to your seat at the specified station. After that, you can celebrate your birthday with your friends, family, and fellow travelers.

Even if there aren’t any official guidelines from Indian Railways about birthday celebrations, you can still have a party while you’re traveling. Therefore, remember to avoid lighting candles or bringing a knife if you’re celebrating or cutting a cake on the train.

Cake Delivery in Train

The birthday celebration brings happiness and life satisfaction to the person. This special day should be joyful and unforgettable because it is everyone’s most treasured memory.

You can make the day wonderful by cutting the cake, singing “happy birthday,” and sharing slices of cake with your loved ones. In unusual circumstances, you can be traveling by train on this significant day. But don’t worry. It’s time to use the RailRecipe app to order cake on train for your birthday celebration.

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How to Celebrate Birthday on Train?

Many of you might desire to throw a birthday party on the train for your grandma, grandpa, or other loved ones. Follow these steps to know how to order cake on train:

  • You can access the RailRecipe website or download the RailRecipe App to your smartphone.
  • Enter your PNR number to retrieve all the information about your trip.
  • Select the eatery and the cake you wish to cut on your birthday while riding the train.
  • To pay for your cake order online or with cash on delivery, continue to the payment section.
  • Upon completion of a successful transaction, you will receive a confirmation email and SMS.

By placing an enticing meal order on RailRecipe, you may liven up your birthday celebration while taking the subway.

birthday celebration on Train

Celebrate Birthday on Train With Safety

On a few specific trains, such as Tejas Express, birthday celebrations are formally conducted. However, you are free to celebrate your birthday wherever it suits you best as long as you abide by all safety and hygienic rail regulations. Never board a train with a knife, candle, matchbox, or another combustible item in your possession. Instead, make sure to reserve your cake.

Follow these guidelines to ensure a memorable birthday celebration on the train. The safety guidelines are:

Handle Cake with Care

On a moving train, the cake must be handled with extreme caution; this is a necessary precaution. There is always a chance that the Cake will fall and generate a commotion because the train’s passenger population is extremely thick.

Don’t Light-up Candle

The Indian Railways forbid passengers from bringing any combustible materials on board. Don’t celebrate your birthday aboard trains by lighting candles or cake crackers. Trains and people may be put in danger. Additionally, decorations for birthday celebrations are prohibited on trains.

Social Distancing

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated social isolation. Keep a safe distance from your other passengers and don’t shake hands or touch anything they might touch. This will ensure your safety as you ride the train and celebrate your birthday.

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Follow Hygiene Practices

When traveling by rail, bring a sanitizer kit, a disposable bedroll, napkins, and towels. Make sure to keep your seat berth to yourself and use a high-quality mask. Additionally, stay away from buying snacks or food from unlicensed sellers or stores. Always order your meals from an IRCTC-approved e-catering firm since they adhere to the standards and safety regulations set forth by the FSSAI and Indian Railways.

Does RailRecipe Allow Cake Orders on Trains?

Yes, while traveling by train, you can order a cake from RailRecipe. You can choose from cakes with flavors like Pineapple, Strawberry, chocolate, blackberry Chiffon, and Vanilla based on your preferences and the birthday individual. Make sure to put your cake order on the Railrecipe app at least one day in advance if you want a personalized cake delivered on a train.

Along with birthdays, you can purchase a cake for Indian Railways trains to commemorate wedding anniversaries, Christmas, and other important occasions.

Order Delicious Foods for a Joyful Birthday Celebration On Train

You’ll concur that a person’s birthday is a special day in their life. When you include culinary items like pizza and desserts in addition to the cake, it becomes more fun. Popular regional sweets including Sandesh, Mysore Pak, Ghevar, Kaju Barfi, Balu Shahi, Kheer, and Bebinca can be ordered through RailRecipe and delivered to you. Additionally, you can get other kinds of pizza on trains, including Margherita, Peppy Paneer, Deluxe Veggie, etc. These delectable delicacies will undoubtedly enhance and make your birthday party amazing.

free food delivery on trainFree Food Delivery On Train

RailRecipe is dedicated to providing the best meals possible to Indian Railways passengers. People rely on its reliable food delivery in train when traveling across the nation. Install the RailRecipe food on the train app if you want to order Jain food, pure vegetarian food, Sattvik food, Chinese and Italian recipes, and non-vegetarian food, among other things.

When traveling in a group, make sure to order food in bulk to receive significant savings. Soon after placing your meal order online, you can track it. Celebrate your birthday and cut a cake on IRCTC trains to celebrate a new way to travel.

Here is How You Can Celebrate Birthday On Train

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