Bilaspur Food on Train Dishes that You Should Try Once

Bilaspur is one of the major cities situated in the Chhattisgarh state of India. It is an industrial region of the Chattisgarh Northeast Zone. The city is also home to the Southeast central railway zone. Besides being a commercial hub for many industries and diverse cultures, the city is famous for its aromatic rice, silk saris, and more!

It is one of the major cities that contributes a reasonable percentage to the state and nation economy. The city got its name from beautiful fisherwoman Bilasa 400 years back. Bilaspur is popularly known as “Dhan ka Katora” for the Chhattisgarh region. It is one of the largest paddy-producing cities in India and has plenty of minerals. Moreover, the city is the hub of many large and small industrial activities.

You can travel Bilaspur by the means you are comfortable with as the city has well lined-up roads and railways. Moreover, traveling by flight, the nearest airport is 130 KM away in Raipur city. The best opted and chosen way for travelers to visit Bilaspur is Indian Railways. The Railway station in the city Bilaspur get established in 1890.

Planning Trip for Bilaspur Explore More With Us

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Formerly the city Bilaspur was under the rule of Marathas, Bhonsla Rajas, and Britishers. It has one of the most extended railway platforms after Kharagpur and Gorakhpur.

Some of the major tourist spots in Bilaspur city of Chattisgarh include AS fun, City Mall, Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary, and more.

Major Tourist Attractions Near Bilaspur

Bilaspur is one of the major attractions of tourists in Chattisgarh because of its industrial influence. The famous place that you must visit during your journey in Bilaspur:

Mahamaya Devi Temple


Kanan Pendari Zoo Park

Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary

Kutaghat Dam

Kutaghat Dam

Deorani-Jethani Temple

Madku Dweep

Madku Dweep-Bilaspur Food on Train

Our Restaurant Vendors Nearby Bilaspur Junction

  1. Hotel BlackBerry- Exclusive Partner of RailRecipe
Black Berry Lounge
Black Berry Lounge
  1. Sigri Restaurant
  2. Mahesh Sweet & Restaurant
  3. Maosaji’s Cafeteria
  4. Vinayaka Restaurant
Bilaspur Food
Bilaspur Food

Bilaspur Food on Train Options while Travelling Via Indian Railways

Being actively involved in agriculture, the city is the largest producer of paddy and staple food. Its neighboring states highly influence the local cuisine of Bilaspur. Bilaspur will give a lip-smacking and amazing journey for your taste buds. You can find some of the must-have food on train dishes of Bilaspur below.

1)Muthia: Bilaspur Food on Train Best Options

Muthia is a type of dumpling prepared traditionally in the city of Bilaspur. The ingredients used in the making of Muthia are rice batter and a perfect blend of different spices. The dish is not fried but is only steam-cooked of its ingredients to keep the originality of taste. Muthia is one of the most liked breakfasts by locals in Bilaspur.


2) Bhajia: Bilaspur Most Common Snack Order on Train

Bhajia is a south Indian dish but has minor variations in its ingredients. They use gram flour instead of cornflour. You can find it in Mirchi bhajia (made using chilies) or onion bhaji with onions. Bilaspur bhajia are populat for their exquisite taste and the perfect combination of aromas and spices. This snack tastes best when served with tea.


3) Chilla: Healthy Bilaspur Food on Train Option

The dish chilla does not originate from the city Bilaspur, but it is one of the most common daily meals in many families. This simple dish is made with a mixture of rice batter and an urad millet, and it resembles exactly pancake. You can also make chilla with a combination of gram flour, water, onion, and coriander leaves. Just add oil drops and make it like dosa in the pan. To enjoy the flavor of chilla, it is served with green chutney in every household.


4) Dubki Kadi

Dubki Kadi is one the most loved dishes by locals of Bilaspur. You can easily found this dish in the lunch menus of state residents. Dubki Kadi, a dish that looks like a pulse, is mainly made with curd. More flavor to Dubki kadi is added by pakoras made from gram flour. Other than Dubki Kadi, there are many different variations of this dish. Bhindi kadi and Arbi kadi are effect variations of it, and surprisingly, all are equally delicious.

Dubki Kadi
Dubki Kadi

5) Aamat

Aamat is a sambar for the people residing in the Chhattisgarh region. We use mixed vegetables to prepare the dish with ginger, garlic paste, and various spices. The bamboo shoots are traditionally used to prepare the dish. Bamboo preserves the flavors of the ingredients and adds a unique aroma to it. 


The villages of the Bilaspur region are still using this method to prepare Aamat. In addition to that, the urban areas use modern equipment to make this dish, and it is one of the specialties of the Bilaspur Chhattisgarh region. 

6) Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana ki Khichdi is one of the specialties of the Bilaspur. It is delicious and healthy food on train options available for travelers and widely eaten in Chhattisgarh and throughout the country. Sabudana Ki Khichdi refers to a dish made with Sabudana balls soaked in water. 

Sabudana Khichdi
Sabudana Khichdi

The dish is flavored with vegetables and spices to make it more satisfying for taste buds. Sabudana Ki Khichdi is a popular dish during fasts, but it is essential for the Bilaspur-Chhattisgarh region.

7) Bara

Bara is an originally different version of the South Indian dish Vada. Bara is a light snack made from Urad Dal. Various vegetables and spices are used to prepare Bara in the Bilaspur region for the uniqueness of flavor. 


Bara is super light and healthy because it requires very little oil. This dish also represents the food culture in Chhattisgarh at various events and festivals that occur within the state. Bara is a must-have dish at the festivals and village fairs of Chhattisgarh state.

How to Reach Bilaspur?

From the colorful culture to the historical structure, busy markets, and beautiful crop fields, Bilaspur leaves an extraordinary impression on its visitors. You will find the enthusiasm here in every nook and corner that symbolizes the natural character of this city. 

The region participates in the state economy, being the commercial hub of the state. You can explore the various historical structure that includes many forts and temples. It is one of the fascinating destinations for travelers across the world, and the river Arpa makes the view of the city more mesmerizing.

The region is highly involved and takes active participation in the state politics and economy. If you love to explore historical buildings, add the name of your Bilaspur city to your travel bucket list. Moreover, you can use different methods to reach this city. 

How to Reach Bilaspur by Air?

The nearest airport from Bilaspur city is Swami Vivekananda Airport (Raipur). It is 130 KM away from the town Bilaspur. 

How to Reach Bilaspur by Train?

Indian Railways is the most opted by travelers coming to this city. The Bilaspur junction is well connected with many major cities such as Ahmedabad, Delhi, Haridwar, Kolkata, Bhopal, Chattisgarh, Patna, etc. The station code of Bilaspur Junction is BSP.

Bilaspur Junction
Bilaspur Junction

How to Reach Bilaspur by Road?

The roads are well connected to major cities of India, and you can easily find regular buses from Bilaspur to other towns and vice versa.


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Bilaspur – Food on Train Dishes that You Should Try Once

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