The 10 Best Restaurants Near Kalyan Station

Are you searching for Restaurants near Kalyan Station? First of all, welcome to our blogRailrecipe will help you to find the best Restaurants Near Kalyan Station if you are a traveler. Then so, be sure and stay till the last.

You must have known about Kalyan Station. If you don’t know about Kalyan Station, let me tell you that Kalyan Station is situated in Kalyan, Maharashtra. On the central line of Mumbai, there is a major Railway Station, one of which is Kalyan Station. Nearby Kalyan Station, there are many Restaurants present this time. You will see somewhere wherever you go. You can visit there if you choose when you are hungry while traveling near Kalyan Station.

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List of The Best Restaurants Near Kalyan Station

1.Red Sun Multicuisine Family Restaurant

It is situated in Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Chowk Kalyan, Maharashtra, India. If you are traveling for family, this one is best for the family Restaurant. You can visit this one for Lunch and Dinner. Chinese and Indian cuisine are available here, foods are perfectly cooked by chief you must try their foods. Their service works hard and tries to make your day pleasant, what you came here for.

2. Barbeque Nation

It is near Metro Junction Mall, Kalyan Shill Road, In Maharashtra. This restaurant has excellent experienced, and their services are also good because this has been going on for a long time. You can have a relaxed time and enjoy the food and ambiance. Their cuisines are Chinese, Biryani, Barbeque, North Indian, Tandoori, and Kabab. They provide Buffet also on your order. It is also available for home delivery; if you don’t want to go there, you can also enjoy your food at home.

3. Charlie Moghlai Corner

This Restaurant is in Shiv Chowk, Kalyan West, Opposite Guru Dev Hotel in Maharashtra. Their food list is North Indian, Tandoori, Mughlai, and Chinese, as it is available in every restaurant. You can go there and taste their food how it is. Their food is also good, and they maintain cleanliness in their restaurant. You can feel like this affordable restaurant for regular basis customers. If you are staying here, then go to this restaurant.

4. Amar Fast Food & Restaurant

It is for fast food and Indian restaurant their variety of food is excellent and straightforward food available here. You will find this restaurant Near Municipal Corporation, Ulhansnagar, Kalyan. You can register for Lunch and Dinner at this restaurant. They give you service for home delivery in this restaurant you can see table service. This is an excellent place for night dinner; if you are with your family, you should go there. You will feel after eating like value for money, and the price of this restaurant is reasonable.

5. Hotel Maha Samrat Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian people must come here to eat some veg food, especially for you. Situated in Kalyan Ambernath Road, in Maharashtra. If you are vegetarian, you can try this food on any occasion like Durga Puja, Sravan month, and so on, whenever you can also eat some vegetarian. Also, if you feel like eating some delicious food on any occasion, you should try to eat how it tastes. Sometimes we get bored eating some daily veg food on occasion so, we feel like to eat some other type of food then this is good for this. It would be best if you went there with your family and friends.

6. The Food Town

You have to go to Shahi Kali Masjid Road, Kalyan, Maharashtra, and then you will get to this restaurant. The cuisine is Italian, American, and Indian food available in this restaurant. People go there by giving reviews after eating meals. Their foods are delicious and have different types of food you can choose your choice. They provide tasty milkshake and some other delicious food and shake. Their staff is well experienced you will like their services.

7. Quick Fusion

This restaurant is in Kalyan, Near Bail Bazar, Maharashtra. In this restaurant, fast food is available. You can go for evening snacks for your friends and chill. Their cost is also low for your budget so you can go there daily evening snacks if you feel bored. If you live in Kalyan, you should go there whenever you feel like eating fast food. It Is suitable for people next to whose house this restaurant is. You can enjoy yourself here in the company of your special friends.

8. Siya Garden Family Dhaba

It is for Family friendly Restaurant. There is some good seating space in the garden you can get with nature view during eating foods. You can find this restaurant in Gandhari Road, Kalyan, India. If you are traveling in Kalyan, you can visit this restaurant with your Family. There are many families come here for dinner and Lunch. They serve healthy food to their customers. It’s like a Dhaba type, and Do you know? Dhaba foods are how tasty they make food with their love and pleasure. So why not you all try this once Dhaba food?

9. Shiv Dosa Diner

This restaurant is especially for Dosa lovers, and for those who want to try Dosa, you must go there. Their dosa is very delicious, and they include a variety of dosa on their menu. You can try these all dosa if your favorite dish is Dosa. Search this restaurant in Ambernath Road, Opposite C.H.M College, Kalyan, India. You must try this, by the way, you must be eating at home so why don’t you try it once. They make Dosa differently. You will definitely like this.

10. Star One Biryani & Chinese Corner

If you are hungry and want to eat Biryani and Chinese, you can visit this restaurant. You will get this restaurant near Murbad Road, Kalyan, India. They serve Mughlai-style Biryani, and its taste is fantastic. Chinese is also available so that you can order this one also and enjoy this. They maintain cleanliness in their restaurant, and you won’t feel that’s not good. After eating Biryani, you say wow! Its taste is good. You can go with you some buddy. 

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10 Best Restaurants Near Kalyan Station

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