75th Independence Day

The Indian Railways have announced a week-long iconic celebration of ‘Azadi Ki Rail Gadi Aur Stations’. Celebration of the 75th Independence Day will be more proud and joyful. Special events will be organized for the independence day celebration of 2022. This iconic celebration will continue from 18th July to 23rd of July, and 75 railway stations will be selected to celebrate this day.

Know About ‘Azadi Ki Rail Gadi Aur Stations’ with RailRecipe ( An Authorized IRCTc food delivery partner)

So, let us know about ‘Azadi ki Rail Gadi aur Stations’ with RailRecipe. On this page, you will know the main reason for celebrating the 75th Independence Day. The event ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ for Indian railways will be called as ‘Azadi ki Rail Gadi Aur Stations.’ People will participate in this event on the 75th Independence Day and will do something else by remembering history. It will take place from 18 July to 23 July of this celebration you will see the decorated trains and stations list which play some role of Natak and videos that will remind your history.

The reason behind celebrating this Azadi Ki Rail Gadi Aur Stations is that the main aim is to make people understand this vital role of struggle and Indian Railways. As you know, our PM Narendra Modi is always in the latest news Mann Ki Baat. He mentioned and told about Azadi Mahotsav on 18 July. He always tries to understand people in another way on every occassion.

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How Indian Railways Celebrate Independence Day In 2022? 

On this day, selected Trains will be decorated, do some events on stations, such as patriotic songs, will be played, showing videos films on freedom fighters who will die for the country and playing some Nukkad Natak on patriotic. The program will be continuing till 23rd July, showing family members of freedom fighters will flag off the 27 trains which have been selected. And family members of freedom fighters will be invited to the stations to share and express their stories on the last day of the program.

V.K Tripathy, the chairman of the Railway Board, said that the Trains will be called ‘Spotlight Trains’ and Stations will be called ‘Swatantrata Stations.’ One of the best memorable activities for the family members of freedom fighters, 27 selected trains flagged off by their family members from the originated stations said by “Rajiv Jain.”     

List Of Selected Trains for Celebration of ‘Azadi Ki Rail Gadi Aur Stations’

In this 27 lists of train added the of some famous writers such as Rabindranath Tagore who wrote the song on Independence of Indian and for freedom fighters. Included these trains Gitanjali (Mumbai-Howrah), Shantiniketan Express (Howrah-Bolpur), and Gurudev (Nagercoil-Shalimar) also. And some are also on the list of trains; one is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Some other train names are added to the 27 selected trains like Ashram Express, Swaraj Express, Sabarmati Express, Lokshakti Express, August Kranti Tejas Express, Ahimsa Express, and more these all are linked to Mahatma Gandhi.

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How Many Stations Have Been Selected For Celebration of ‘Azadi Ki Rail Gadi Aur Stations’?

Total 75 trains are selected for celebration of ‘azadi ki rail gadi aur stations’ on the occassion of 75th Independence day. There are nine stations chosen in the Northeast to celebrate this program. At the same time, four places are selected to celebrate this occasion in North, Jabalpur, and Bhopal for West Central Railway. In contrast, “Azadi ki Rail Gadi Aur Stations” will be celebrated in Central Railways at Vijaywada, Guntur, Hyderabad, and Gadwal. These places have been selected to celebrate Indian Railways’ week-long iconic celebration on the 75th Independence Day.

I hope you feel proud to read this program which originated on Independence Day. It is a proud moment to share this fantastic thing with this RailRecipe. We all celebrate Independence Day every year, but this year we will celebrate Independence Day in another way and by remembering our freedom fighters with their Family.

75th Independence Day: Indian Railways Commences ‘Azadi Ki Rail Gadi Aur Stations’

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