A RailRecipe repot on Train Policy to remain unaltered in December,2020

Train Policy to run fully reserved trains by Indian Railways will not change in December 2020 until further advice after New Year Celebrations.

To clarify rumors hovering over the issuance of unreserved tickets, Railways Ministry headed over by Honorable Railways Minister Mr. Piyush Goyal has confirmed on December 15, 2020 that all trains will run as a fully reserved train as of now and that there is no questions of asking to book an unreserved ticket for train journeys. Further, the Railways Ministry has once again clarified doubts over its made announcement that the permission however has been given to suburban train services and few local passengers train services in few zones to issue unreserved tickets.

To detail the current train policy the Railway Ministry said the current train policy is applicable to all existing mail express special trains as well as all running festival trains, holiday trains, clone special trains including second and passenger classes of travels. To comfort the train passengers, Railway Ministry has also assured that the changes in train policy is ongoing and norms of travel will keep evolving as measures are being designed to respond to and control the pandemic.

Meanwhile, there is also some news of relief from Iqbal Singh Chahal, Mumbai Municipal Commissioner that in January 2021, the Railways Ministry may announce to open local trains for the general public after celebrations of Christmas and New Year is over after reviewing the current status of the pandemic vaccine development.

RailRecipe brings you the latest update on unaltered train policy by Indian Railways for December 2020. However, Railways are continuously evolving its new norms for train passengers to make the upcoming year 2021 opportunistic for all.

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Train Policy to Remain Unaltered in December,2020: A RailRecipe Report

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