How to Order Sattvik Food on Trains during Shravana Month

During Shravan month, people worship Lord Shiva. And as we know in Shravan month people fast and prefer to eat sattvic foods. If you travel by train during Shravan month, how do you get the sattvic foods? RailRecipe (official authorized E-catering partner) offers Sattvik food on trains to pilgrims who travel during the auspicious month of Shravan.

How to Order Sattvik Food on Trains during Shravana Month? Let Railrecipe explain how to order Sattvik Food from RailRecipe (official authorized E-catering partner) on a train journey.

Importance of Sattvik Food

Importance of Sattvik Food

The holy month of Shravan includes a sattvic diet. What is the main reason to have sattvic food in the month of Shravan? As people found that having sattvic food is helpful in different ways.

  • Increases Energy: during Shravan, your energy level will increase if you have sattvic food during this holy month. Sattvik food help to increase energy level during fast.
  • Pleasure: Sattvic food is pure, which promotes a positive attitude and happiness.
  • Calmness: Sattvic food helps people to sustain their calm and peace.
  • Mental Clarity: Sattvic pure diet promote mental clarity.

How to Order Sattvik Food on Train in 4 Easy Steps?

How to Order Sattvik Food in Train in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Open the RailRecipe portal on your mobile phone or the RailRecipe app on your smartphone ad enter the correct 10-digit PNR number mentioned on your ticket.

Step 2: Select the station where you want your receive the order.

Step 3: Add the pure veg menu or sattvic food to your cart.

Step 4: Select a payment option, either COD or Online payment, and click on ‘confirm the order.’

Now, you have successfully placed your order on the RailRecipe App.

Points to Remember

  • Remember to place your train food order at least 2 hours before the train’s scheduled arrival at the station where you want your delivery.
  • You can also place your sattvik food on train order on RailRecipe via call at 844-844-0386.
How to Order Sattvik Food on Trains During Fasting?

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