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RailRecipe is an authorized IRCTC e-catering website that helps railway passengers to get their desired food at train at their seats. The company works to provide top-quality food to Indian Railway passengers, which is healthy and fit for human consumption. RailRecipe is partnered with FSSAI authorized food restaurants that take proper care of passengers’ train food order quality.

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 Learn About Vision & Goals of the RailRecipe Company

  1. We aim to grow as the most prominent food chain with IRCTC e-catering services.
  2. We are growing with pace starting from 25 employees to approximately 100 live employees working in the company.
  3. We provide food at train to 500+ locations that cover all the railway stations where other providers aren’t active.

Technology Innovation to Deliver Food on Wheels by RailRecipe

Digitization has been a game-changer for various industries, and the food tech sector is no behind in the race. The involvement of technology & Digitalization in various sectors makes the work process smoother & quick, especially in the food industry. It helps the manufacturers reach a wider audience.

Innovation and technology are essential as our company uses many tech devices to track the details of passengers and train timing to serve the hot fresh meal on train at their berth without any delay.

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Know The Journey & Goals of RailRecipe

RailRecipe started its foundation journey on 3 May 2019. Indian Rail khana, Pantry food or station food stalls provide unhealthy and unfit food for human consumption. Seeing these problems of passengers, RailRecipe came up with an idea to create such a platform that helps the passengers availing the Indian Railways service in getting their desired food delivery of good quality at their seats.


It provides a new lifestyle to people on the train journey. So we only tied up with FSSAI approved restaurants to offer train passengers Quick, fresh, hygienic, and their favorite food on train journeys across India.

Explore RailRecipe Platforms Closely with Us

The Platform developed by RailRecipe is on React/Next.js Platform. The platform is lightweight and user-friendly. It comes with an easy user interface that takes no time to load. The customer support and quick response team make the platform unique for its users. The customer service executive make the food delivery in train easier for all. Here is the list of top restaurants that can serve you food at your desired station without delay or hassle. Rail recipe is partnered with more than 1000 restaurants. Some of the leading service providers that deliver online food at train with all quality check include:

Food in train I food on train

  1. Sagar BAR-BE-QUE
  2. Ranjeet Dhaba
  3. Nakshatra Food & Beverages
  4. Hotel Sagar Castle
  5. Hotel Samrat
  6. Navjeevan Restaurant
  7. Kamath Cafe
  8. Hotel Sagar
  9. Chennai Xpress
  10. Mizaz-E-Bhopal
 We took different steps to ensure the adherence to strict quality standards throughout the process of train food delivery:
  1. Regular Temperature check for the delivery persons.
  2. Complete sanitization of cutleries and dining essentials.
  3. Ensure Contact less delivery of online train food from FSSAI approved restaurants.

Team Behind the Success of RailRecipe 

 Operations & Customer Care: RailRecipe’s Core leadership team is the Customer Care support team; they listen and solve all our valuable customer issues and initiate many functional works for customer engagement. You can call them on 844-844-0386 to book food on rail.  

Digital Marketing: They help the company to get a wider audience reach and engage with the audience through social media.

Management: The Management team helps manage various channels and provides all the guidelines to all staff & restaurant partners. 

IT Department: They are dedicated to providing a user-friendly app that offers passengers a smooth user experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: How has the company’s growth journey been so far?

A: RailRecipe gained traction when it partnered with IRCTC E-catering.The company process more than 500 orders/day after they start. The company’s revenue is estimated to be around 20M per year.

 Q: What is the roadmap ahead for the company’s new growth phase? 

A: [Product Roadmap] RailRecipe adopted a model like Swiggy & Zomato to provide fresh, hygienic restaurants meals during train journeys at all major Railway Stations across India. It is an online platform that delivers quality food on train online to railway passengers; as of 2021, the startup, providing its service in approximately 300+ railway stations.

Q: How to Book Meal in Train with RailRecipe?

A: RailRecipe is an authorized IRCTC e-catering Partner. It offers the best train food delivery services on various railway stations across India. Serving a wide range of quality and delicious food in train journeys prepared in a hygienic environment from FSSAI approved restaurants at reasonable prices. All you have to do is place a food order online in train with e-catering partner RailRecipe. You need to place your food order at least one hour before reaching the desired railway station, and we will deliver the meal directly to your train seats.

 Quick Facts: RailRecipe Food at Train Delivery Services
  • Year of establishment – 2019
  • Headquarters – Patna
  • Total workforce strength – 70-100
  • Restaurant Vendors- 1000+ Restaurants











Food At Train : RailRecipe E-Catering Food Service

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