Complete List of 40 New Clone Trains To Commence From 21st September

With the view to ease the growing travel ticket demands, Indian Railways had brought the ‘clone train scheme’. If you are not aware of clone train scheme, we would suggest you to check our blog on what actually is the clone train scheme? With the view of increasing demands of tickets in specific routes and in consonance with the respective state governments, Indian Railways has planned to run 20 pairs of clone train in specific routes. This decision was taken on Tuesday, 15th Sept.

In which Route these Clone Trains Would Run?

These clone trains will run on notified timings and will be fully reserved trains. The stoppages shall be limited to operational halts. The routes have already been demarcated and the list has been released.

List of 40 New Clone Trains to Run from 21st September

Here’s the complete list released by Indian Railways:Railways to run 40 clone trains from 21 Sept

What about the Ticket Booking in These Clone Trains?

While the tickets for 19 pairs of these trains will be charged at the Humsafar Express rates, it will be at par with the Janshatabdi Express rates for the clone train between Lucknow and Delhi. The advance reservation period for these trains will be 10 days.

The current decision has been made to promote the reverse migration of workers to urban areas post unlock 4.0.

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Complete List of 40 New Clone Trains To Commence From 21st September

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