5 Reasons to Order Online Food


With over 4.2 million passengers traveling each day, Indian railways is the most trafficked and vastest mode of transport. Moving away from your comfort couch of home to a place where you got to meet n travel with people from different cultures and wider choices. Sharing food n gestures is a common practice among people in India. But, for train journeys, which last more than 12 hours, food becomes a major concern and you might have to live by snacking items at times. With advancing technological leaps, food availability is not a major concern any more. One can order food online in train journey in advance and one the go.

Here’re 5 reasons to opt for ordering food online on train journey:

  • Hygienic Food Options: Hygiene is a major concern for everyone for every edible item. Online food orders in train are supplied from Food Safety approved restaurants only. So, hygiene is not a concern if one is ordering food online in trains.
  • Wider Menu Choices: Online food ordering in train offers a wider range of menu choices to every traveler. Options can include choices from pure Indian food to Chinese, Jain & continental options.
  • On-Seat Delivery Assurance: Food ordered via Railrecipe is delivered on customers berth/ on-seat at no extra delivery charges. This would help every traveler to avoid hassle of getting off from train and other mishappenings during journey.
  • Strict Quality Maintenance: Railrecipe maintains strict quality norms to ensure customer satisfaction. This includes aspects from packaging to great food taste. The end goal is to offer better quality and achieve customer delight.
  • Avoid Over-Charging of Food Items: Local vendors on stations usually charge as per their choices and at times take advantage by raising the price of food items as per their choice. Ordering food online in train ensures price transparency and also value for money in terms of food ordered.

Apart from the aforementioned reasons, one also doesn’t have to be overloaded with that extra luggage of carrying food while traveling in trains as one can order food online of their choice. So, next time when you plan to travel via train, try ordering food online via Railrecipe. Enjoy the ride with flavourful delights served right at your berth.

5 Reasons to Order Online Food on Train Journey

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