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    Online Food Delivery on Train at Ratlam Railway Station

    Ratlam Railway Station is one of the major connecting railway junctions residing in the New-Delhi Mumbai Line. Ratlam city comes under the Madhya Pradesh state and lies in Western Railway Zone. The code for Ratlam Junction is RTM and consists of a total of 7 platforms. The Railway station is connected to many other major cities like New Delhi, Bilaspur, Jammu, Howrah, Chittorgarh, Jaipur, Ajmer, Gaya, and More. Most of the trains halt here for more tha 20 mins, if you are looking for food in train options at Ratlam Raiwlay Station download the RailRecipe app.

    Mouth-Watering Food Options Available in Ratlam Railway Station

    Ratlam is known not just for its tourist destinations but also because of its rich culture and history and numerous food options. All the famous foods of Ratlam city in Madhya Pradesh have been influenced by food styles from other states, including Rajasthan, as evidenced by the most famous dishes you eat here. Here we are listing a few local foods that you must explore while traveling to Ratlam:

    Mawa Bati

    The perfect balance of sweetness, crunch, and texture are the significant characteristics of this famous dish from Madhya Pradesh. Mawa Bati is undoubtedly one of the recipes that express the love of sweets in Ratlam city. It is made from mawa dough along with a combination of dry fruits. The dish is soaked in sugar syrup before deep-frying the mawa dough balls to add sweetness to the dish. Mawa Bati is one of the meals that one must enjoy while visiting Ratlam.

    Shahi Sikanji

    In many regions of India, the word "shikanji" is the name used to describe salted lime water. However, shahi shikanji in Ratlam is different. It doesn't contain lime. The refreshing drink is made from the thickening of milk and yogurt and spices, making it "Shahi," meaning royal. It's a rich mixture that's been cooled to perfection to give you a relaxing and cool feel.

    Ghost Korma

    Gosht Korma is another famous dish from Madhya Pradesh that is inspired by the Mughlai cuisine. This traditional dish is considered royal Nawabi food. It requires a large number of spices to enhance the flavor. Mutton is cooked with a range of Indian spices to make it delicious to taste.

    Chakki ki shaak

    The dish chakki ki shaak is influenced by Rajasthani food. It is made with steamed flatbread along with spiced Indian sauce, which is served on special celebrations. Chakki ki shaak is one of the most well-known dishes in many parts of the country and is particularly popular when accompanied by curd. The dish will leave your taste buds tingling, even if you're already over-stuffed.

    Palak Puri

    Palak Puri is the perfect combination of flavor and nutrition. It is one of the most well-known dishes of Ratlam city. The wheat flour and palak (also known as spinach) are used to prepare it, along with typical Indian spices, to improve the taste. It is deep-fried in olive oil before being served alongside any Sabzi. It's a popular breakfast dish of Madhya Pradesh State.

    How to Reach Ratlam?

    By Flight

    Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport, Indore, is the nearest airport to Ratlam city and is 138 KM away from Ratlam.

    By Train

    Ratlam is well connected to other major cities like Delhi, Bhopal, and more. It is one of the major junctions in the Mumbai-Delhi line.

    By Road

    The road and infrastructure of cities are well connected to other cities. You can easily find regular buses for other cities from Ratlam.

    Popular Trains Passing Ratlam Railway Station

    1. Order Food in Train at Shanti Special (PT)-09309
    2. Order Food in Train at  Gwalior-Daund SF Special (PT)-04190
    3. Order Food in Train at August Kranti Rajdhani Special-02953
    4. Order Food in Train at Jaipur-Hyderabad Special (PT)-07019
    5. Order Food in Train at Valsad Puri Special (09209)
    6. Order Food in Train at  Garba SF Special (PT)-02938
    7. Order Food in Train at Paschim SF Special (PT)-02926

    Restaurant Offering Food on Train at Ratlam Railway Station

    • Hotel Sagar Castle-Minimum Order Value INR 69
    • Hotel New Shivaji-Minimum Order Value INR 69
    • GuruKripa Restaurant-Minimum Order Value INR 100
    • Santhushti Restaurant-Minimum Order Value INR 120
    • Jayant Enterprise-Minimum Order Value INR 99

    Famous Tourist Spots You Must Explore at Ratlam

    • Kedareshwar Temple
    • Mahalaxmi Temple
    • Dholawad Dam
    • Cactus Garden Sailana
    • Sailana Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Ganga Sagar
    • Kalka Mata Temple
    • Bilpakeshwara Temple

    Order food at Ratlam Railway Station at least an hour before the train's arrival at the station. Once you reach your desire station, our delivery executive will be delivered fresh and hot food right to your train seat. All you need to do is log in to the RailRecipe website or download the RailRecipe app, enter the PNR number and enjoy a tasty meal! For more info, You can call us directly at 844-844-0386.


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