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    Get Delicious Food on Train at New Jalpaiguri Junction Railway Station

    Jalpaiguri city of West Bengal is situated at the bank of River Teesta. The name of this city originated from the Bhutani term and simply means the place where the trading of warm clothes occurs. It is the hub of commercial, education, and tourism activities of North Bengal. The establishment of the New Jalpaiguri Railway Station was done in 1964 under the Greenfield project. It is one of the major railway stations serving the Jalpaiguri districts. The Railway station comes under the Northeast Railway zone of the Indian Railways. Hence most of the passengers order food from trusted and authorized e-catering partners ofIRCTC RailRecipe.

    Mouth-Watering Food Options Available in  New Jalpaiguri Junction Railway station

    If you are traveling via train and want to enjoy Bengali flavors, what's better than ordering food online with RailRecipe. Our e-restaurant delivery will serve you with the food of your choice at Jalpaiguri Junction Railway Station. You will find various non-veg and veg food options from the extensive menu of RailRecipe.

    Chingri Malaikari

    This authentic Bengali non-veg dish will impress you with its taste. It is served with hot rice and Ghee. It is one of the fantastic creamy dishes made with coconut milk to cook the curry. Fresh prawns are marinated in spices and simmered with onions and coconut milk, and other ingredients to add a de delicious flavor to your taste buds.

    Kathi Roll

    Kathi roll is a dish that is originated from West Bengal. Kathi or Kati is a reference to a stick. Kathi roll can be described as Skewer Roasted Kebab that is wrapped in Indian dough- Paratha. The dish is also suitable for vegetarians as veg Kathi roll have only Paneer. The food is delicious and served hot.

    Fish Curry

    Fish curry is among the most popular dishes of West Bengal. The fish is first "steamed" then marinated in mustard yogurt paste, coconut, and more spices. Afterward, it is stored in a steel box or Container. The flavor of mustard will make this dish unforgettable. The curry of fish with mustard is usually eaten along with Rice.


    Sandesh is a famous and delicious Sweet dish that hails from West Bengal. This dish is well known in India as well as globally. Sandesh is a must-have for all festivals and special occasions. The food is prepared using Sugar, Chena (paneer) as well as cardamon powder.

    Veg & Non-Veg Food on Train Options Available at New Jalpaiguri Junction Railway station

    RailRecipe offers you quality food delivery at the New Jalpaiguri Junction Railway Station of West Bengal. We offer you food from the elite quality restaurants directly to your train berth. All you have to do is call us at 844-844-0386 or place your order directly from our website or RailRecipe application.

    How to Reach New Jalpaiguri?

    via Air

    The closest airport to  Jalpaiguri is Bagdogra airport that is only 20 KM away.

    via Rail

    The brand new Jalpaiguri railway station happens to be among the largest railway junctions within North Bengal. The station is situated 4 km from Jalpaiguri city The station offers great connectivity to the cities across India.

    via Road

    The journey to Jalpaiguri via road is simple due to the excellent roads and connectivity. State transport buses, as well as private bus services, connect Jalpaiguri with other areas within the state that is West Bengal, and cities in the nearby states.

    Popular Trains Passing New Jalpaiguri Junction Railway station

    • Order Food in Saraighart SF Special-02345 
    • Order Food in Teesta -Torsa Festival Special-03141
    • Order Food in Brahmaputra Mail Special- 05956
    • Order Food in Padatik SF Special -02377
    • Order Food in Amritsar-New Tinsukia Special-05934
    • Order Food in Uttar Banga Special-03147
    • Order Food in Deoghar-Agartala Special-05625

    Restaurant Offering Food on Train at New Jalpaiguri Junction Railway station

    • Khusbu Caterers - Minimum Order Value INR 89
    • Ghosh Hotel & Fast Food- Minimum Order Value INR 69

    Famous Tourist Spots You Must Explore at New Jalpaiguri 

    1.  Murti River
    2.  Buxa National Park
    3.  Mendabari Fort
    4.  Buxa Duar Trek
    5.  Gorumara National Park

    Now you don't need to starve while traveling via train at New Jalpaiguri Junction Railway station. Order online food from RailRecipe at New Jalpaiguri Junction Railway station. You don't need to crave food while traveling by train and passing by New  JalpaiguriJunction Railway station. We serve you hot & delicious food at your train seat. Place your order from our website and  RailRecipe application or simply call us at 844-844-0386 


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