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    Online Food Delivery at Ludhiana Junction Railway Station 

    When it comes to Ludhiana, it is famous as the industrial hub for Punjab state. Ludhiana Junction railway station resides at the center of the city and connects all the major areas of Ludhiana. The station had made its name on the cleanest railway stations in India. Being one of the major cities in Punjab state, the Ludhiana region's food has Punjabi style only. However, the experiment in food isn't limited; you can easily find different South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, and more cuisine. Punjab is famous for its delicious non-vegetarian dishes, and everyone non-veg lover enjoys eating them.

    How to Order Food on Train at Ludhiana Junction Railway Station from RailRecipe?

    Ordering food on train is a no more troublesome task. E-catering service provider companies like RailRecipe make the process easy and convenient for railway passengers. Anyone can order food on train at Ludhiana Junction Railway station in just a few taps with the RailRecipe application. RailRecipe is dedicated to delivering authentic and healthy food on train from the best food joints or quality restaurants of Ludhiana.

    Indian Railways' passengers need to place food on train orders at least one hour before reaching the desired station. The delivery executive will deliver the food directly to your train berth. Order your foon on train at Ludhiana Junction Railway Station Now!!

    Food on Train Options Available at Ludhiana Junction Railway Station

    Punjab is always famous for paranthe, chole bhature, butter chicken, and more food items. It holds a sacred place in the heart of food lovers, who are fond of delicious food in different parts of India. Ludhiana offers the best food options on train, whether you want vegetarian or non-vegetarian food.Here we are listing some food items that you can have during your visit at Ludhiana Junction Railway station:

    Aloo Matar

    Aloo Matar consists of two main ingredients potatoes and green peas. Spices are added to make it tasty. You can have this with bread, chapati, rice, and more to satisfy your hunger.

    Tandoori Chicken

    It is impossible to mention Punjabi cuisine without talking about the tandoori chicken. Tandoori chicken is made by the marination of raw chicken with ginger garlic paste along with lemon, curd, and chili. To add more taste it serves with green chutney and onion rings.

    Dal Makhani

    Dal Makhani is one of the common food that you can enjoy in any corner of Ludhiana. It is made with a combination of red and black lentils along with a few rajma beans. It is thick in nature and has a longer preparation time than any pulse. It is one of the healthy food options you can have while traveling.

    Sarson da Saag- Makki di Roti

    Sarson da Saag is a famous staple food that people consume in Punjab. It is made up of mustard leaves along with spinach, onion, garlic, and various other spices. The saag is prepared with pure desi ghee. It is served with Makki di roti or cornbread with butter on it.

    Rajma Masala

    Rajma Masala is made up of red kidney beans. It is a protein-rich dish that you can have with rice or roti. You can order it for dinner while you are on your journey with RailRecipe.

    How to Reach Ludhiana?


    Chandigarh International Airport is located 100 Km away from Ludhiana, and the 2nd nearest airport to Ludhiana after Chandigarh, is Amritsar.


    Ludhiana Junction Railway station had a regular flow of trains to major cities of India such as Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow. Pathankot and other cities.Many trains traveling for a longer duration halt at Ludhiana Junction.


    Ludhiana city is well connected with cities like Amritsar, Punjab, Chandigarh, and more. You can easily find a bus and cab to reach another state at regular intervals here. The Roadways of Ludhiana are easily accessible and well connected to other cities.

    Popular Trains Passing Ludhiana

    1. Order Food in Train at Jat Ned Special (02422)
    2. Order Food in Train at cdg Asr Inaugura (02411)
    3. Order Food in Train at Amritsar Shatabdi Express( 12032)
    4. Order Food in Train at jammu Mail Express (24033)
    5. Order Food in Train at Uttar S Kranti (12446)
    6. Order Food in Train at Ned premium Special (04602)
    7. Order Food in Train at Hyb jat Special (07021)
    8. Order Food in Train at Gkp jat Special (05043)

    Restaurant Offering Food on Train at Ludhiana Junction Station

    1. Gyan vaishnav Dhaba- Minimum order value INR 249
    2. Delicious Vegetarian- Minimum order value INR 200

     Tourist Spots to Explore Nearby Ludhiana Junction

    • Rakh Bagh Park
    • Hardy's World
    • Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum
    • Gurudwara Nanaksar Jagraon
    • Pavilion Mall
    • Nehru Rose Garden
    • Punjab Agricultural University Museum
    • Waves Mall


    RailRecipe is the answer to your all craving while traveling via train. If your train halts at Ludhiana Junction railway station and you want to some regional cuisine, then order food in train now with RailRecipe. Enjoy the authentic taste of Ludhiana cuisine from an elite quality restaurant vendor partner that delivers you the best taste of town at your seats.


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