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    Get Delicious Food on Train at Gondia Junction Railway Station

    Gondia is a popular city in Maharashtra state and is famous as a tourist spot among travelers where they order food in train from RailRecipe. The city is situated near the Vidarbha region of M.P. Gondia is known as the gateway to Maharastra, and Gondia Junction Railway Station resides in the Central Railway zone of India. It helps in connecting the north and southern state via Indian Railways. 

    The city Gondia gets its name from history as Gond Kings ruled it. You can find mesmerizing natural beauty, dense forest, and more here. The main occupation during the rule of the Gond kind is the extraction of Gum extraction from the Babul tree. The natural beauty of Gondia city is boosting the number of tourists traveling to this city every day.

    Mouth-Watering Food Options Available in  Gondia Junction Railway station

    From Vada Pav to delicious Bombay Duck, Maharashtrian cuisine had to offer a lot. Here we are listing the 5 most ordered food on Gondia Junction Railway Station.

    Pav Bhaji

    The flavor of Maharashtra is going to be incomplete if you haven't tried Pav Bhaji here. It is made with slices of bread and spiced vegetables. The dish is famous across India and you must enjoy its authentic taste if ordered by RailRecipe.

    Vada Pav

    Vada Pav is an Indian version of the burger! A Delicious, spicy deep-fried patty made from potato is sandwiched between a thick slice of bread. Afterward, the spicy mix of salt and spices is sprinkled on top and garnished with salted and fried green chili.


    Shrikhand is a type of sweet yogurt-based dish spiced with cardamom powder and saffron. This dish is popular at weddings and during the celebration of Dussehra. It is served with fresh & hot puris. It is a Maharashtra food item that's well-known throughout the country.

    Sabudana Khichdi

    Sabudana Khichdi is among the most popular dishes of Gondia. It is a delicious and healthy meal on train options available for travelers and is one of the everyday snacks of state Maharashtra. Sabudana Ki Khichdi refers to the dish that is made from a Sabudana ball soaked in water. It is then flavored with spices and vegetables to create a more pleasant experience for your taste buds. Sabudana Ki Khichdi is a trendy meal during fasts.

    Veg & Non-Veg Food on Train Options Available at Gondia Junction Railway station

    Local foods are the best option if you are looking for food at Gondia Junction Railway Station Maharashtrian. The lunch and dinner options include Thali(Veg/Non-Veg),Veg fried Rice, tandoori chicken, Matka Biryani. Moreover, for light food or breakfast option, you can choose to order Poha,sabudana Khichdi,omelet, Puri bhaji, and more!

    RailRecipe offers you quality food delivery at the Gondia Railway Station of Maharashtra State. We offer you food from the elite quality restaurants directly to your train berth. All you have to do is call us at 844-844-0386 or place your order directly from our website or RailRecipe application.

    How to Reach Gondia?

    Gondia is situated in Maharashtra and is well connected to other cities of the state. The administrative headquarters of Maharashtra is in Gondia Only. Nowadays, this city is emerging as a tourist spot among travelers. Here we are mentioning three methods through which you can reach Gondia Railway Station.

    By Train

    Gondia is one of the major railway junctions and connects the city to other parts of Maharashtra and most cities in India. The Gondia Junction Railway Station resides close to the city center.

    By Air

    Gondia airport is situated 12 kilometers from Gondia city center; however, it mainly trains pilots. The nearest operational airport is Sonegaon Airport in Nagpur, located 123 kilometers away from Gondia city. 

    By Road

    State buses regularly connect Gondia with cities such as Nagpur, Aurangabad, Pune, and the majority of the state's other cities.

    Popular Trains Passing Gondia Railway station

    • Order Food in Shivnath Express Special-08240
    • Order Food in Pune-Hatia SF Special-02850
    • Order Food in Rewa-Itwari Special-01754
    • Order Food in Puri Jodhpur Weekly SF Special-02903
    • Order Food in Samarsata SF Special-01501
    • Order Food in Azad Hind SF Special-02279
    • Order Food in Raxaul-Hyderabad Weekly Special-07006

    Restaurant Offering Food on Train at Gondia Railway station

    • Desi Bawarchi Kitchen - Minimum Order Value INR 99
    • Swaruchi Restaurant - Minimum Order Value INR 150
    •  Kamdhenu Bhojanalaya- Minimum Order value INR 150
    •  Hyderabadi Biryani Centre-Minimum Order Value INR 150
    •  Kesar Restaurant-Minimum Order Value INR 199
    •  M/S Jain Bhojnalaya- Minimum Order Value INR 150
    •  Jain Foods-Minimum Order Value INR 120
    •  Kesar Restaurant-Minimum Order Value INR 199

    Famous Tourist Spots You Must Explore at Gondia

    The number of crowds that the city is facing every day is getting increase day by day because of its splendid natural beauty. Here we are mentioning famous tourist spots that you can explore at Gondia city of Maharashtra State:

    1. Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve
    2. Suryadeo Mando Devi Temple
    3. Kachargadh Caves
    4. Hazara Falls
    5. Itiadoh Dam
    6. Navegaon Lake
    7. Chakradhar Swami Temple


    Now you don't need to starve while traveling via train at Gondia Railway station. Order online food from RailRecipe at Gondia Junction Railway station. You don't need to crave food while traveling by train and passing by Gondia Junction Railway station. We serve you hot & delicious food at your train seat. Place your food order from RailRecipe website and application or simply call us at 844-844-0386 


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