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    Get Delicious Food on Train at Daund Junction

    Daund Railway station lies in Mumbai-Pune Route. Many trains that originate from Pune at Manmad Junction halts at Daund Railway station. Professional travel from Pune to Daund regularly for work. The Daund Junction provides amenities like veg and non-veg food on train options, waiting room, bookstall, water taps, and more. The city had a mixed culture of foods that included northern and southern dishes influenced by Marathi Foods.

    Mouth-Watering Food Options Available in Daund Junction

    RailRecipe offers an extensive range of food items that you can enjoy while traveling by train. Here we are mentioning a few famous food in train options available at Daund Junction Railway Station.

    • Pitla Bhakri: It is one of the famous dishes from the local cuisine of Nagpur. It is made with Bengal gram powder. Pitla is a paste that is served with powdered Bengal gram. It is served with bread made up of Jowar and bajra flour and is commonly known as bhakri.
    • Spicy Chicken: Spicy chicken is another dish of Maharashtra. In this dish, boneless chicken is steamed and afterward marinated with a mixture of species. Now the chicken is deep-fried after marination and served hot to hard-core non-veg lovers. After marinating, the chicken is deep-fried and served hot. The dish might bring tears out of your eyes. Moreover, the flavors of the spices will force you to try this dish more.
    • Sabudana Khichdi: The sabudana khichdi is a very light disease and is famous in the Maharashtra region. The dish is made of sago palm latex and is consumed by locals as breakfast.

    Veg & Non-Veg Food on Train Options Available at Daund Junction

    You can easily order food on train at Daund junction and taste the quality food with e-catering partner RailRecipe.IRCTC authorizes us to serve food on train. To ensure food quality, we follow strict protocols, and FSSAI approves only our delivery vendor's restaurants. You can place your food order on train from 6 AM to 10 PM. We will be delighted to serve you food that will tickle your taste buds.

    RailRecipe offers you quality food delivery at the Daund Junction of Maharashtra. We offer you food from the elite quality restaurants directly to your train berth. All you have to do is call us at 844-844-0386 or place your order now from our website or RailRecipe application.

    Popular Trains Passing Daund Junction

    • Order Food in Siddeshwar Special-02115
    • Order Food in Udyan Special-01301
    • Order Food in Hutatma SF Special-01157
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    Restaurant Offering Food on Train Daund Junction

    • Samarth Dinning Hall-Minimum Order Value INR 200
    • Hotel Shabana-Minimum Order Value INR 100
    • Hotel Lazeez Family Restaurant-Minimum Order Vale INR 100

    Famous Tourist Spots You Must Explore at Daund

    • Shikhar Shinganapur
    • Bagul Udyan
    • Cavalry tank Museum
    • Gondavale
    • Sahara Stadium
    • Mahaganpati Mandir


    While your train halt at Daund Junction, we suggest you enjoy the sweet dishes during the journey. The flavors of the local cuisine available at Daund are unique and have a perfect blend of flavors. The local food is one of the major parts that need to explore during traveling. If you ignore it, you are missing out on the crucial part that needs to explore, and it is really not beneficial. You can simply order food at panvel from RailRecipe before 60 mins from the RailRecipe app or website. You can also simply call us at 844-844-0386.


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