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    Get Delicious Food on Train at Bina Junction Railway Station


    Bina junction railway station resides in Madhya Pradesh state. It is the main route between Delhi- Mumbai and Katni- Kota railway routes. More than 150 train passes from Bina Junction railway station every day. It comes under the west-central railway division of Indian railways. The railway station is equipped with all the amenities that can facilitate passengers and provide all comfort to them; however, if you are searching forfood on trainat Bina junction railway station, what’s better than RailRecipe e-catering services.

    Bina junction railway station has a total of 6 platforms. The railway platform had electrified tracks, and more than 150 trains halt here every day. The station connects the city with different parts of India. It has frequent running intercity trains to communicate with other states.

    Veg & Non-Veg Food Options Available in Bina Junction Railway Station

    1. Khatta-Meetha Chivda:It is one of the popular snacks for tea time in this region. It has both sweet and salty flavors as both sweet and salt are added during its making. Other than these, the ingredients include oil, turmeric, groundnut, a few raisins, and more.
    2. Daliya:Daliya is one of the healthy breakfast options train passengers can have here. It is, in reality, puddling made up of wheat. Moreover few spices like chili powder, cumin, milk, and more are added to it to make it tastier food on train options. You can simply have it with a glass of milk or a healthy salad.
    3. Bhindi Masala:Bhindi masala is one of the healthy and delicious dishes that you can have with rice and chapatis. As the name suggests, okra is the main ingredient in making this dish. Okra is fried with chili and gram flours, and afterward, it is dipped in tomato-onion gravy, having a flavor of mint.
    4. Dal Puri:Dal puri is one of the highly nutritious dishes. Gram flour in a semi-solid state is stuffed in it. The wheat bread is wrapped around the gram pulse and fried deeply in oil until it turns reddish-brown. You can eat it alone as it already has to fillings or anyone can eat with some fried green veggies or kheer.
    5. Lapsi:Lapsi is a sweet dish that gets its origin from the state Gujarat. However, they are more famous in regions nearby Bina Junction railway station. The ingredients required in making the dish are broken wheat, sugar, ghee, and cardamom powder. The sweet dish is rich in aroma and taste.
    6. Besan Ladoo:Who doesn't love besan Ladoo? It is a pretty popular dessert that you can find easily in Bina Junction Railway station. It requires gram flour, ghee, and sugar to prepare these tempting sweet balls. Cashew and almonds are added to it for decoration

    How to Reach Bina?

    Airport: The nearest airport to Bina city is Bhopal Airport that is 132.8 Km away from the city

    Railways:  Bina city has a well-lined railway system, and many popular trains pass from here regularly. Train from different parts of the country such as Jabalpur, Kota, Rajasthan, Vishakhapatnam, New Delhi, Orissa, Udaipur, Bikaner, Mumbai, and more. Bina Junction railway station is the primary railway station; however, two other connecting railway stations are Bina Malkhedi junction and Bina bypass cabin.

    Roadways: Bina, Sagar city, has well-connected roads connecting nearby towns.

    Popular Trains Passing Bina Junction Railway Station

    1. Order food in train at Jhansi- Itarsi Passenger (51828)
    2. Order food in train at Shridham SF Express (12191)
    3. Order food in train at Okha-Gorakhpur Express (15046)
    4. Order food in train at Mumbai LTT-Bareilly weekly express (14313)
    5. Order food in train at Indore-Bareilly Weekly Express(14319)
    6. Order food in train at Rewanchal Express (12185)
    7. Order food in train at CG Sampark Kranti (12823)
    8. Order food in train at Sarnath Express (15160)

    Restaurant Offering Food on Train at Bina Junction Railway Station

    1. Prem Caterers-Minimum Order Value INR 69
    2. Jain Hot & Cool Restaurant- Minimum Order value INR 200

    Famous Tourist Spots You Must Explore at Bina Junction Railway Station

    1. Jain Muni Samadhi
    2. Lakha Banjara Lake
    3. Nauradehi wildlife sanctuary
    4. Khimlasa Fort
    5. Shri Hanuman Tekri Caves
    6. Khurai Lake
    7. Radha Kund

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