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    Online Food Delivery on Train at Bhusaval Junction

    RailRecipe is an IRCTC authorized e-catering service provider that delivers food on train. It was really complex earlier to get good quality food on train. The food offer by pantry cars is unhygienic and doesn't fit for human consumption. We serve you an extensive range of fresh food items that take care of your health.

     RailRecipe serves you an extensive range of foods that includes local and intercontinental cuisine. Now no need to panic about the quality of food during the journey; order food from your favorite restaurants, and we will deliver it to your train seat. So what are you waiting for? Grab your smartphone and order your favorite food at Bhusawal Junction by simply calling us at 844-844-0386. You can also order food on train through our website directly or from RailRecipe Application. We provide user-friendly delivery service and on-time delivery at your desire station.

     If you are searching for food on train at Bhusaval Junction, we suggest you get the unique taste of its local cuisine. Somes dishes' flavors will remain with you forever. Moreover, this place offers some fantastic blend of food for foodie people.

    Some Amazing Dishes Available at Bhusaval Junction

    Puran Poli

    If you love to eat dessert, Puran Poli is one of the famous sweets here at Bhusaval. The ingredients used in the making of Puran Poli include Yellow gram, flour, ghee, cardamom dust, and jaggery. You can easily find the smell of Puran Poli around the city as they used it as an offering for God.


    Poha is a healthy snack made with flattened rice, and you enjoy this dish with tea and beverages. You can find many different variations in Poha at Bhusaval Junction; these are Kanda Poha, Batata Poha, Dadpe Poha, and more. Onions, mixture, and chilies garnish all Poha to add extra spice. However, some of the restaurants also add green peas to make them more delicious.

    Vada Pav

    Vada Pav is one of the favorite dishes of local people in Bhusaval. If you love to eat the little strike of spicy food, then you must try this deep-fried bread with a chunk of potatoes in it. It is served with spicy and tangy sauces. You can find many street vendors selling the same till evening.


    Srikhand is another favorite sweet cuisine of Maharashtra. It is local desserts made by the local people. It is made of thick and dry creamed yogurt. You can use different dry as well as fresh fruit to add flavors to make it more delicious.


    Popular Trains Passing Bhusaval Junction

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    • Order Food in Asansol-Ahmedabad Weekly Special (09435)
    • Order Food in Bandra Terminus-Bikaner Sf Special Fare Special (02474)
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    Restaurant Offering Food on Train at Bhusaval Junction

    • R&K associates-Minimum Order Value INR99
    • Hotel Bhusawal Darbar-Minimum Order Value INR 150
    • Madras Bakery-Minimum Order Value INR 99
    • Premier Bakery-Minimum Order Value INR 59
    • Mirch Masala Restaurant- Minimum Order Value INR 100

    Famous Tourist Spots You Must Explore at Bhusaval Junction

    1. Ajanta Caves
    2. Ellora Caves
    3. Anand Sagar
    4. Himayat Baugh
    5. Indira Sagar Dam
    6. Melghat Tiger Reserve


    While your train halt at Bhusaval junction, we suggest you enjoy the sweet dishes during the journey. The flavors of the local cuisine available at Bhusaval are unique and have a perfect blend of flavors. The local food is one of the major parts that need to explore during traveling. If you ignore it, you are missing out on the crucial part that needs to explore, and it is really not beneficial. You can simply order food at Bhusaval station from RailRecipe before 60 mins from the RailRecipe app or website. You can also simply call us at 844-844-0386!


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