Why to Choose Online Food Order on Train

The Food Industry over the last couple of years has witnessed a drastic change in its consumer buying behavior patterns. Modern consumers now seem busy embracing online food ordering options more over offline mode because of limitations.

Think of an earlier scenario on a train where you sitting on the train used to think what to order next among the list of items; Paneer Butter Masala, Butter Chicken, Paratha, Jeera Rice, Some Mixed Pickles, Gulab jamun, Bread Butter, Bread Omelets, Veg Cutlets, Frooti, and Chana Chur Garam. Did you feel something boring now too reading this earlier limited menu in your old train journeys? Moreover eating from Railway Platforms meant getting off from seat of moving train which was risky in fact not possible for women & children and hygiene has gone all for a toss.

Now, think about a current scenario where you are eating top flavors on a train cooked afresh after you placed an order just before delivery by top Chefs (of FSSAI Restaurants) at the same affordable price. Which option would you prefer to choose among these two in your busy daily schedule?!? The second one isn’t it?? And why not an Easy & Cost-effective idea means Smart Work for all of us today.

RailRecipe presents an analysis on all researched reasons as to why consumer buying behavior is showing a sharp increase in their preference towards online food order on train with respect to traditional food buying options in these modern times:-

1. Convenience: Mobile & technologies have served as the biggest game-changer. Now any male, woman & kids can order through mobile which is convenient and saves energy. Earlier it was a male who used to buy stuff for the entire family from the market but now the scenario has changed. Women & children being opinion leaders of the house prepares the list & buy a variety of cost effective stuff for the family through convenient available means even it does not matter it is on the train. Hence, ordering food through mobile on the train simply gives them convenience, variety, save time, money, and that too without getting off the seat of a train. Umm, does that mean buying the same food items every time on train has taken over by online food service providers for servings customers with an array of food options on train? Well! Yessss.

2. Payment Options: Well the old line of customers: “I don’t have change” on trains seems getting replaced by PayTM, GPay. Well, all thanks to online food service providers on trains. Now customers have a plethora of food with an online payment system on mobile. Even if you don’t have money your credit card will help you in paying bills of your food order. Now customers are free from searching for an ATM everywhere which was practically not possible inside running trains when you fall sort of money to buy food in train.

3. FSSAI Restaurants on wheels: Why to try the unguaranteed quality of food on train when you can conveniently order food at the same affordable price from nearby FSSAI restaurants and get food cooked by Top Chefs hygienically at the seat hot & fresh. Earlier the travelers buying food at Railways platforms were doubtful of reheated stale food with no surety on the quality of ingredients used in the recipe.

4. Refund Option Available: Earlier buying food in moving train meant you had no option and if ordered food does not meet your expectation it means your paid money has simply got wasted. Now, the scenario has changed. The customer buying food online in moving train if finds the food is under promised can book a complaint online to the same food service providers and food service providers ensures the complainant gets a refund in same bank account in the shortest possible time. Though, not at all possible to Travelers in earlier scenario on train.

5. Plethora of food options: The modern customer’s taste has changed. Now the new customer wants to explore different food on train especially their favorites as well as traditional cuisines of their current train locations. No matter if it is unique regional snacks to buy back home for their friends & family members. Well, all thanks to online food service providers, now travelers can order almost all their favorites: South Indian, Veg thali, Non-Veg thali, Jain thali, Biryani, Chinese food, Gujarati thali, Punjabi thali, Marathi thali, Pizza, Kids foods, cake, hot & pure cow milk for babies; you name it and service providers have it.

6. Guaranteed fresh & hygienically cooked food: Earlier travelers had to order from unknown vendors whom they may not find next time in moving train. Hence they could not catch them up for poor quality food. But now when Customers have option to order from FSSAI accredited restaurants they may feel satisfied after eating as only those restaurants earn FSSAI accreditation that pass frequent food quality check audits done by government departments from time to time.

7. Nutrition on wheels: Earlier travelers had to compromise on nutrition in longer journeys as their home-cooked food would run only for 12 hrs and hence they had to rely on home-cooked snacks, food from platforms, and limited options on trains. Now, the travelers taking longer routes can order online any day from the nearest FSSAI restaurants at affordable prices where their food will get cooked afresh right before delivery and can be savored fresh. Hence no need to carry & survive on home-cooked fried snacks after your home-cooked food gets over.

8. Advance booking options: Online food service providers offers coupons for discounts and advance booking system so that travelers could catch trains feeling relaxed rather than worrying for making orders every time on train. Refund options are available every time. These options are not available with traditional food delivery service providers on trains.

9. Group Order Options: Whether the call is about feeding a big family or relatives; who will cook and carry from home when you can feed all of them afresh through online options at available coupons for discounts. Even babies can get pure cow milk on trains with online food providers. Traditional food service providers surely lack this benefit as well.

10. Special Category Food Availability: No matter you are traveling to a long-distance Shrine to seek deity’s blessings or taking the critical patients to far distant famous Multi-specialty hospitals on the train or pregnant family members or infants who live on pure cow milk. All can rest assured to receive the food of their choice on the train with online food service providers which is difficult to find with traditional food service providers.

11. Cost Effective: Online Food Service Providers are cost-effective because getting FSSAI restaurant’s food at no delivery charges except at few train locations at minimal charges you would not mind as getting healthy food in place of unguaranteed food quality saves on health and medicine cost.

Moreover, your food service provider comes to you on train rather than you go to pick the parcel. That’s highly safe in any moving train for travelers! Hence, with online approaches fulfilling modern customers’ demand on train, it is certain traditional food service provider will lose charm unless they invent and meet ever changing Customer demand on the train.

To order fresh, hot & tasty food online on train PAN India at your seat, Click here To Download RailRecipe App or try RailRecipe Point-of-Sale(POS) www.railrecipe.com or Call Customer Care Representatives @8448440386 working for you 24X7.

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Why to Choose Online Food Order on Train Journey: All You Need To Know

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