The 10 Best Restaurants Near New Delhi Railway Station

Are you planning to go to New Delhi or have further plans to stay there as a tourist, or are you looking for the best restaurants near New Delhi RailWay station for family dinner? Then you have reached the Blog where you will find high-rated, tastier restaurants near New Delhi railway station. The restaurants listed here are the best out of the best for non-vegetarian, vegetarian, Jain food, madvadi food, and so on. So without any ado. Let’s see the 10 Best Restaurants Near New Delhi Railway Station

Who We Are

RailRecipe is food delivery in train vendor that supplies an unlimited food menu to the train passenger throughout India. The Railrecipe delivers the food from Top Restaurants that are FSSAI certified. We provide food on the train or at the Railway station in a short time and at an affordable price.

How to Order Food from RailRecipe in 4 Easy Steps

1) Visit Railrecipe and Enter PNR no

2) Choose food menu

3) Pay either online or Cash on Delivery

4) You will get food right to your seat on time

Benefits of Ordering Food from RailRecipe

  • Easy process to order food online.
  • Limitless food options for everyone and Different thalis ( Jain Thali, Non-Veg Thali, Pure Veg Thali, Maharaja Thali)
  • On-time Delivery on the chosen seat of the passenger
  • The affordable pricing of the RailRecipe menu fits into everyone’s budgets
  • Special Discounts on Group food orders or bulk food orders
  • Food Delivery from Top Restaurants (FSSAI certified)
  • Provide a hygienic meal to customers
  • Food packaging is A1, prevent from leaking
  • Give updates of ordered food on customer register mobile number and email id.
  • Supportive RailRecipe Customer support team
  • Get their passenger rid of carrying food from home
  • Save passengers from poor stalls and pantries food
  • No delivery charges

Why Trust on RailRecipe

  • ISO Certified company
  • IRCTC official E-catering partner
  • Trusted FSSAI certified Top Restaurant Partner
  • No hidden charges
  • Transparent food pricing
  • Delivered food to over 560+ stations across India
  • Has over 2500 restaurant partners in India.
  • Delivered food over 8500 trains
  • Repeat customers’ orders percentage is 66
  • Over 97 percent of our customers are pleased with our services.
  • The rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars

The 10 Best Restaurants Near New Delhi Railway Station 

1) Pahalwan Da Hotel

Know for its chicken curry recipe and naan. Everyone loves the Pahalwan Da Hotel Naan Chicken; that is super tasty. 

But want to have in train Naan Chicken curry or chicken fry? Then place Your Order on RailRecipe for Naan chicken, and your order will deliver right to your seat and price of Naan chicken is much more affordable than Pahalwan Da Hotel, and in terms of taste, than is just above super because we deliver from Top FSSAI certified restaurant that makes Naan chicken with hygienic way and right masala quantity and the masalas used in the recipe are hidden ingredients, you don’t find the taste on Railrecipe food deliver not ever any other place.

2) Not Just Paranthas

Knows for its Vegetarian food like Dal makni, Muttor alloo, Veg biryani, and Pulao. Want to try these dishes? Don’t worry, rather than ‘Not Just Paranthas’; you can get Dal makni, Muttor alloo, Veg biryani, and pulao on your railway seat or station by ordering food from Railrecipe. 

3) 34 Chowringhee Lane

34 Chowringhee Lane is famous for its flavorful veggie rolls, but the price is quite high for a single roll. If you reach with your family to 34 Chowringhee Lane, then for just veggie rolls for the whole family, you need to pay an amount to like total lunch price. 

For our consumers, we have different flavor veggie rolls with super tasty and delivered at the affordable for everyone. So why not try RailRecipe veggie roll.

4) Kopper Kadai

Famous for its dinner and lunch starter of veg and non-veg item. In starter, challi kolmi pasht is a must-try dish of Kopper Kadai, but there are other drawbacks of this restaurant that it costs us more than one single starter than other comparative restaurants. Even in RailRecipe, tastier chili kolmi pasht is available, which passengers love a lot that delivers by railrecipe on time, and the price is also reasonable.

5) Patiaala House Restaurant

They provide super tastier menus like butter chicken and chicken dishes as we heard about Patiala House Restaurant. This restaurant is especially known for its Chinese and North Indian cuisine. But what when you want to have Chinese food like momos, chowmein, and North Indian dishes like malai kofta along with masala chaap in your train berth in Delhi? You can get these all foods quickly at your seat with Railrecipe.

6) Dilli Chaap Wale

People talk about its flavourful Achari Chaap and Paneer Tikka. But in Dilli Chaap Wale, you will get these on only at afternoon lunchtime and dinner. If you want to have at breakfast these cuisines, they can’t provide you. Or if you want Dilli Chaap Wale Achari Chaap at your train seat, they can’t deliver to you because they don’t facilitate their customer delivery service. However, RailRecipe gives delivery service throughout the station in India, so if you want at Delhi station an Achari Chaap then you can simply place your order, and you will get flavorful Achari Chaap to your desired place. 

7) D’Momo Factory

You will find different flavor Momo’s here like Wheat Momos, Old Fashioned Momos, Spicy Momos, Schezuan Momos, and Chicken momos and you also get non-veg dishes for lunch and dinner also here like Golden Fried Prawn, Chilli Fish that taste is incredible, but they also not provide a delivery facility. 

RailRecipe can deliver you tastier momos, Golden Fried Prawn, Chilli Fish, etc., from Top restaurants at your desired stations and seat.

8) Biryani Blues

Famous for its Biryani thali veg and non-veg both. But how do you get biryani on your train seat? Then you have just one option: placing an order on RailRecipe that is your true companion and ending your hunger for biryani. You will get ordered special veg or non-veg biryani with premier taste to your seat.

9) Jain House

Want to have pure Jain food on the train and want the exact taste of ‘Jain House’ Jain Food? Then you have only one way to get purely Jain Food on the train by ordering from Railrecipe. You will love to have Jain Food From RailRecipe.

10) Pure Vegetarian Restaurants

This restaurant purely provides Vegetarian food items, but they don’t deliver to their customer’s desired place, while RailRecipe also provides Vegetarian food by delivery to their consumer desired place. So why not get benefits by making Railrecipe your true companion for your every hunger.

Major Benefits of Ordering food from RailRecipe than Railway Stations Restaurants

  • Order process super easy
  • We deliver food to your berth and station
  • Order food to deliver food completely online


The 10 Best Restaurants Near New Delhi Railway Station – RailRecipe

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