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RailRecipe is celebrating milestones and has turned out to be a reliable startup for delivering fresh food on trains from Bihar. They are solving the problems of food faced by most railway passengers. The e-catering service provided by RailRecipe is making life easier for travelers who travel from one part to another regularly.

In this digital era, everything is available at your doorstep in the comfort of a few clicks. You can find mobile apps for every requirement. RailRecipe is serving the purpose of food delivery in train. RailRecipe is an e-catering railway app that details the different restaurant options available to satisfy your hunger during the train journey.

If you are planning a trip for whatever reason, you can leave the tension of food in train with us. We will cover all your requirements whether you are a non-veg lover or want to have Jain food. You don’t need to stress about the unhealthy foods served by the train pantry or local stalls near the railway station. You can get an additional discount on your food order on train with RailRecipe coupons and offers.

RailRecipe: Solution for All Your Food on Train Problems During Journey

Train Journey Problem & Their solution

RailRecipe started its journey in 2019 and onwards came with its mobile application to make the process of food ordering on trains easier for passengers. As the tagline suggests, RailRecipe is the food buddy of every train passenger. The company is functioning and active under Amiure International Group Pvt Ltd.

You can pre-book your food order once you have booked your ticket from Indian Railways. The e-catering service of RailRecipe tracks your train and serves the food when you reach the desired station in case of any delay. You can learn about different travel destinations, famous food you need to explore, and Railway news by visiting their blog section.

RailRecipe is the fastest-growing food delivery network with IRCTC authorization. They will deliver your favorite food on train while taking all the precautions to ensure the safety of food items. It is an official e-catering platform authorized by IRCTC that helps railway passengers to get food on trains.

Mr. Imran Khan, CEO, and Founder comes with the idea of RailRecipe after seeing the worse conditions of food in train pantries. He further added that “We aim to improve our services and give our best to satisfy customer desires and needs.”

Vision and Goals

Goals & Mission: RailRecipe

RailRecipe intends to make the train journey convenient for each Railway passenger. It works with the vision of relieving the stress of food from every train passenger.

We work with the goal to reach every passenger traveling via Indian Railways. RailRecipe delivers hygienic and delicious food to every train traveler. Our team is working dedicatedly to make your journey experience more beautiful and relaxing.

Know About CEO of RailRecipe: Imran Khan

RailRecipe CEO Image

Imran Khan is the CEO and founder of RailRecipe. He has an inspiring personality with strong visionary skills and business intelligence to move ahead in the long run. Mr. Khan is a curious soul; after completing his graduation in civil engineering, he doesn’t settle himself for any 9-5 jobs. He wanted to create his own path, and the idea of RailRecipe gave fuel to his fire. He makes the process of ordering food on train simple for all the passengers taking care of their safety and hygiene.

During the conversation, he added that evidently railway passengers face the issue of unhygienic food. The food served by the train pantry wasn’t suitable for human consumption. At present, the problem is resolved by RailRecipe which delivers food in no time to your train seats. RailRecipe serves delicious food in train across 450+ stations. You can easily book your food order on train by visiting the RailRecipe website.

Team Work Behind the Name

RailRecipe, the organization, initially started with few workers. Now the team is grown with 100+ active team members. The team of professionals and experts is working continuously to develop excellent outcomes that serve the company’s goal. The workers are passionate about their jobs and work in an innovative way that makes the name of RailRecipe trusted and reliable among all.

The organization runs different departments from Administration to IT, customer support, content creation, digital marketing, etc. The company culture is acquainted with interesting events, celebrations, and birthday parties like part of the family. The working environment in RailRecipe is highly supportive and encouraging to provide quickstart growth to your career.

Why is RailRecipe Better than Any Other e-catering Application?

Thali on Train

RailRecipe is an IRCTC-authorized food delivery platform with expertise in food delivery for the last two years. They are working continuously and updating their software to add more easily manageable features to their application. Here is some quick information on what makes RailRecipe stands out from other e-catering apps:

  • 99.9% assured food delivery.
  • Food delivery on trains with the help of 2500+ restaurants vendors.
  • Refund in case of ticket cancellation / train delay.
  • Get your food order on the train directly at your seat without any hassle.
  • Call us at 844-844-0386, and our customer support executive will assist you with your food order.

Make Your Journey Beautiful with Delicious Food on Train

In modern times Indian Railways is open for innovation and flourish on their networks, from startups such as RailRecipe. The website has changed the way people been traveling in India, be it ordering food on train or planning travel.

Feel free to explore the impeccable services, order food on train and more without any hassle, and enjoy your journey to the core.

RailRecipe: A Start-Up from Bihar Giving a Complete New Touch to Food Delivery in Trains

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