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Holi festivals have arrived, and we want to make this Holi festival of 2022 a great one? Right, but the question arises how? Because most Indian travelers are traveling on Holi, thus they won’t be able to celebrate Holi on the train? Why not let RailRecipe make your Holi train travel a memorable one. Holi Celebration in Trains 2022 with RailRecipe will make your train journey a one-of-a-kind and never-before-enjoyable memory for our train passengers.

How to train travelers can celebrate Holi festivals in train with RailRecipe

Order Mawa Gujiya, Laddu, Dal Kachori, Almond Malai Kulfi, Thandai, Chaat, Malpua, Phirni, and more delectables from RailRecipe to make your Holi train journey a special one. If you are aboard a train on Friday, March 18, 2022, and feel like your Holi of this year has been spoiled since you were unable to play Holi. So, I’d say RailRecipe is your Train Travel Buddy, delivering a smile to your face by serving delicious homemade “Swaad” in a variety of special Holi cuisines.

Here are RailRecipe’s Top 10 Recommendations of must-have sweet & savory snacks on the Holi train journey.

1) Gujiya: Holi celebration cannot be felt without a full plate of Gujiya. This delicious delicacy is a must-have throughout the festive season, especially on Holi, due to the richness of its dry fruit filling and the crispiness of its fried dumpling. To acquire this crispy & fried sweet delicacy from any restaurant, you choose on your train journey, download RailRecipe App or visit our page to order Gujiya to make a train journey seem like home.


2) Phirni: Some people also called it a kheer. This creamy rice pudding is ideal for Holi. Download the RailRecipe app from the App Store or Play Store, go to the website, or phone 8448440386 to order this delicacy on the train. Remember to share it with your traveling companion to spread some festive happiness! Railrecipe offers a delicious and flavorful Phirni that will make you delighted.


3) Dahi Vada: Dahi Vada is a popular dish in India. Especially on Holi. We are desperate for a Dahi vada. Is it feasible to eat a delicious Dahi Vada on the train? Yes, Railrecipe is here to provide you with a delectable Dahi Vada from the best restaurants to satisfy your hunger for the desired cuisine.

Dahi Vada

4) Malpuas: Malpuas are a scrumptious delicacy that is hugely common during Holi. This classic dish is a sweet pleasure at its finest, oozing sugar syrup from every pore. Order a plate of Malpuas from Railrecipe E-Catering online food service to add a spice of sweetness to your Holi celebrations.


5) Dal Kachori: Do you want to have a Dal Kachori while train traveling? Dal Kachori is tasty because it makes by filling with dal and spices, then cooked till crispy. Do you want a hot and lip-smacking Dal Kachori delivered to your railway seat or berth? Railrecipe is the place to go for it. On time, RailRecipe will deliver Hot and delicious Dal Kachori orders to your seat.

Dal Kachori

6) Pakoras: We have a Pakoda craving while on the train. Deliver some crispy fritters to your seat. Energize yourself by pairing this tasty snack with a cup of masala chai. Visit our website, download our AppApp, or give us a call at 8448440386 to place your Pakoda, Masala Chai, and so on orders.


7) Ras Malai: The delectable ras malai is a must-have on every Holi dessert plate. Sweet dough balls are laced with subtle flavors of cream, saffron, and mixed nuts in this Ras Malai. Are you eager to taste this enchanted sweet dish? So don’t wait; just place an order on the RailRecipe website or AppApp.

Ras Malai

8) Papdi Chaat: Do you enjoy the flavor of papdi chat? We would like to have a papdi chat at the Holi festival. Use the RailRecipe e-Catering service to get papdi chaat delivered to your train seat or berth.

papdi chaat


9) Motichur Laddu: Motichur laddu is a mouthwatering sweet that many people adore. Other sweets can’t compare to the sweetness of Motichur laddu. You place an order for Motichur laddu, which is the only fantastic platform that can fulfill your order on time and at a reasonable price, i.e., RailRecipe. RailRecipe will get you the best Motichur Laddu from the best restaurants.

Motichur Laddu

10) Kulfi: Kulfi flavor is most likely vanilla ice cream with cardamom flavoring. However, the flavor of the creaminess with cardamom powder and dried fruits is delicious and healthful. Simply order solely from RailRecipe if you want a tastier kulfi.


Why RailRecipe is your best partner for the Holi celebration in train

Let’s quickly look at the points why RailRecipe is your best partner for the Holi celebration in train.

  1. Provide tastier sweets, wanted desserts of all flavors, other dishes with a great taste right on your seat with just one click.
  2. The sweets desserts you want to have, you will get it all at a very affordable price.
  3. To bring a smile to your face, the packet you will get to sustain the celebration of Holi is awesome.
  4. You will get the ordered sweets, Holi special type of food on time by ordering from RailRecipe.
  5. On the day of Holi, you will receive massive savings on your ordered meal.

RailRecipe specialty to make their train travelers happy

  1. RailRecipe is an e-catering service that always serves its consumers hygienically prepared and delicious cuisine.
  2. RailRecipe’s online interface makes placing orders straightforward and convenient, which is why our customers are happy.
  3. RailRecipe provides food to over 8500 trains to meet the needs of customers.
  4. RailRecipe does not impose a booking fee.
  5. RailRecipe does not charge a delivery fee.
  6. RailRecipe meal costs are relatively reasonable for everyone.
  7. Customers love RailRecipe’s food packing.
  8. RailRecipe delivers the meal on time.
  9. The customer service of RailRecipe is perfect.

What are the features RailRecipe provides

  1. Railrecipe offers its clients the option to purchase meals online at an affordable price at one click.
  2. Train passengers can easily check their PNR status and confirmation probability on the RailRecipe website or AppApp.
  3. Train passengers can use the RailRecipe website or AppApp to lookup station information.
  4. Train passengers can use the RailRecipe website or AppApp to look up train details.
  5. Any train passenger can quickly check the train schedule on RailRecipe.
  6. Our customers can conveniently check fare inquiries on RailRecipe.
  7. You can use RailRecipe to check Live Train Running status
  8. Railrecipe provides its people with the option to look up the platform position of any train.
  9. RailRecipe offers its customers to know the arrival and departure of the train in real-time at the station.

Conclusion: To make your train journey special on Holi, don’t forget to “Add to cart” Holi special dishes from Railrecipe. RailRecipe is the only platform to make your train journey fabulous.


Q: How to celebrate Holi in Train?

A: With RailRecipe, you can enjoy your train journey with special Holi dishes and sweets.

Q: What type of Holi Dishes can we order from RailRecipe?

A: You can order any Holi special dishes you want like Gujiya, Phirni, Kulfi, Ras Malai, Pakoras, etc., from RailRecipe.


Holi Celebration in Trains 2022- RailRecipe

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