Chennai Central Railway Station 10 Interesting Facts

Every railway station holds a million stories, the Same as Chennai Central railway station. The railway station is famous for many facts & data that will amaze you. Here are the top 10 lists out of them to make you more familiar with the Chennai railway station from where you travel regularly or plan a trip. By the way, Just a gentle reminder if you are traveling via train, don’t forget to order good food on train from RailRecipe.

Know About Chennai Central Railway Station

Chennai Railway station is in the Chennai district, making the station one of the major hubs for railway passengers. It is one of the busiest stations in India and comes under Tamil Nadu state. Chennai is one of the liked and most visited gateways of Southern India. You will be amazed to see the variation of tradition and culture here as it is entirely different from other parts of the country.

The city is rich in heritage, culture, music, sculpture, dance, and many other activities. However, cities strictly follow their traditions and are conservative towards everything, but you will find it with a mixture of trends and modernity.

Top 10 Interesting Facts

  • Chennai Central Railway Station is one of the oldest building

Chennai central railway station is 147 years old. This architectural building is designed under the guidance of Prominent architecture  “George Harding.” The railway station is next to the headquarters of the southern railway and Ripon building. The Chennai Central railway station is the main railway station that connects the city to the northern part of India. 

  • It is listed as Heritage Building Site

Chennai Railway station is listed under the heritage building sites at Chennai. It is one of the iconic buildings where all passengers enter and explore Chennai city by offering Indian railway services. The railway station is equipped with amenities like water machines, toilets, dormitory rooms, medical emergency help, and food stalls. However, no need to go out for food RailRecipe will deliver your favorite dish directly to your seats.

  •  The Terminal station is Bay Platform

Chennai Railway station is one of the railway stations of India having a Bay Platform. You must be wondering what does this Bay platform refer to? It is one of the most common terms in countries like the UK and Australia. It simply means the dead-end platform at any railway station. The total number of railway platforms at Chennai central railway station is 17, out of which 5 platforms are exclusively for suburban areas.

  • It is one of the busiest railway stations in India

When it comes to south India, it is one of the busiest railway stations. It handles a crowd of more than 6.5 lakh passengers every day. An approximate 200 trains passes or departs at Chennai railway station altogether.

  • First to Provide Free wi-fi Services

Chennai central railway station was 1st to provide free wi-fi services in the year 2014. The wi-fi service is provided by an organization named RailTel that deals with all technical services of Indian Railways. People enjoy the benefits of logging in to virtual while waiting for train or during the journey when they get bored.

  • Chennai railway station equipped with Medical Emergency

 Chennai railway station provides free medical services to railway passengers. The service comes to an action to help travelers on an immediate basis. The medical center has one 24*7 physician and four paramedic nurses that work in different shifts with a batch of two.

  • Ambulance Service Availability

 Battery-operated ambulance services are available 24*7 at Chennai railway station. It helps patients who are in need at different platforms. However, there will be another ambulance that will help to shift patients in nearby hospitals in severe cases. 

  •  Parking Facilities

Chennai Railway station is equipped with parking facilities, and a total of 1000 of 2 wheelers can be parked simultaneously in this railway station. Moreover, they have premium car parking availability that allows a total of 80 premium car parking at once.

  • It was Hijacked once in 2009

In April 2009, the suburban train of Chennai got hijacked by an unidentified person. It is the only train hijack reportedly till now in the Country. To make it worse, the person who hijacked the train killed 4 persons, and 11 passengers got injured.

  • World second largest name when it comes to Railway station

Chennai Central Railway Station gets renamed two times; the 1st was to reflect the change of name that is Madras railway station to Chennai central railway station. It gets renamed again by the Chennai government as  Puratchi Thalaivar Dr. M.G. Ramachandran Central Railway Station, making it the 2nd largest railway station name globally.


Chennai Central Railway Station 10 Interesting Facts

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