Malda district is located in the northern part of Kolkata in West Bengal, India. Malda Town railway station (MLDT) arrives under Malda Railway Division of ER zone of Indian Railways. MLDT railway station is one of the busiest railway stations of Eastern India and shuttles more than 130 trains daily. Malda Town railway station is amongst the top hundred booking railway stations of Indian Railways. This is the main railway line for Howrah(HWH) railway station to New Jalpaiguri(NJP) railway station. MLDT railway station has 7 platforms. The total number of Halting trains is 94 at Malda Town railway station (MLDT).

In addition to a variety of Bengali cuisines, Malda Town is especially known for its varieties of Mangoes. Summer-time tourists can especially benefit as the season offers plentiful fresh mangoes. Malda Town also has excellent Bengali desserts to offer, the most popular ones being- Chomchom and Rosokadamba. Another delicacy to splurge on is the Aamsatwa made from the Gopalbhog mango. Fazli mango is a rich variety of mango know for its thin peel and substantial size with high pulp content is a signature product of Malda Town.

Here’s RailRecipe’s list of delicious foods in Malda Town you must try. Famous Foods Options in Malda Town, West Bengal:

1. Bengali Special Mutton/Chicken Biryani:- Some Famous Restaurants in Malda Town offering special Mutton, Chicken, and Egg Biryani with adding some unique spices and ingredients. Non-Veg Lover will love surely Malda Town Special Mutton and Chicken Biryani. Biryani is a very common food in all over India, but Bengali special Mutton/Chicken Biryani made with potato and egg.

Best & Healthy Food Options at Malda Town Railway Station

2. Bengoli Mutton/Chicken Kasa:- Mutton Kasa & Chicken Kasa is a local Malda city famous food dish for all non-veg foodies. Mutton Kasa recipe making with mutton, onions, potato, and ginger. Mutton Kasa or Chicken Kasa is a very famous Malda food dish. Every food vendor offers in his menu delectable Chicken/Mutton Kasa.

Mutton Kasa

3. Bengoli Chicken Reshmi Butter Masala:- Chicken Reshmi Butter Masala food making with boneless chicken, onions, ginger, garlic, cashew nuts, butter, and cream. You will love to enjoy at Malda town railway station. Mostly every restaurant & hotel offering mouth-watering Chicken/Mutton Bhorta.


4. Bengoli Chicken/Mutton Bhorta:- The combination of Chicken/Mutton chunks, Egg, and Indian rich gravy is deadly for us each time. The Chicken Bharta or Chicken Bhorta probably took the essences from the North Indian “Bharta” and Bangladesh “Bhorta” to make itself the best of its kind with its origin in Malda. Yes, the city of joy has its special version of Chicken Bharta which is influenced by both North-Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine. Mostly every food vendor offering delicious Chicken/Mutton Bhorta.

chicken bharta

5. Bengoli Katla Fish Thali:- Katla Fish is very famous in Malda restaurants. Mostly every restaurant and street food vendor offering delicious and healthy Katla Fish thali in his lunch order menu. You will also eat Katla Fish Thali in Malda town railway station order Online with RailRecipe E-Catering website or Mobile App.

katla fish thali

6. Aloo Posto:- Aloo Posto is making with poppy seeds, green chili, and Potato. Aloo Posto is mostly served with Rice or Maida Puri. If you are an Aloo Posto Lover then Malda Town is your favorite destination. Many food vendors serve it in a nearby Malda Town railway station.

7. Mutton Bhuna Gosht:- Mutton Bhuna Gosht is a very common and popular dish for all non-veg and muton lovers. Mostly Restaurants offering delicious & spicy Mutton Bhuna Gosht from 2 Pm to 11 Pm in his Menu.


8. Prawns Malai Curry:- Prawns Malai Curry making with coconut milk, cream, and Prawns. Prawns Malai Curry is a very delectable dish in Malda city. If you want to eat Prawns then Malda town is a paradise city for you.

prawns malai curry

9. Maida Puri Bhaji:- In Malda, West Bengal every restaurant or street food vendor offering Maida Puri with Bhaji. Maida Puri’s taste is so delicious. If you want to enjoy Maida Puri then Malda Town is your final destination.

Maida Puri Bhaji

10. Chinese/Continental Food: Mostly Every Restaurant and Eaterie offering Chinese and continental food options like noodles, pasta, pizza, and lasagna.


Malda Town is a wonderland of scrumptious treats for snacks and non-veg lovers, and sweet eater’s seekers. We all have rounded up our favorite foods from Malda city.

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Best & Healthy Food Options at Malda Town Railway Station

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