The 10 Best Restaurants Near Moradabad Station

Moradabad is a city which is situated in Uttar Pradesh. RailRecipe Will tell you about some Restaurants near Moradabad and where this is. There are so many restaurants you must visit there and taste their food to know who is the best. Many restaurants are available this time for people who visit and stay in Moradabad so that they do not have any problem eating.

1. Gajraula Haveli Resort

Gajraula Haveli Resort is the best decision for people traveling in Moradabad and the best place to stay for dinner or lunch. They also provide many dishes in their restaurants. People who are visiting they’re they may go there. Gajraula offers a family-friendly environment. If you are finding the best hotel and room services, you may go for this restaurant. Guests can enjoy a pool which is such a fantastic must-say. People will like this restaurant. Their facility is good veg are included in their menu.

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2. Grand Sai Hotel And Restaurant

This hotel is located near the Moradabad railway station in Buddha Bazaar. Their rooms are excellent, and also their services are good you will like this. If you visit this station and are hungry, you must go there to eat. They maintain their hotel with modern infrastructure and lavish interiors. Hotel great sai is undergoing renovation; the rooms are very, and the clean services provide are exemplary. There are some foods which are provided on the menu and you can choose you to prefer.

3. Needo Restaurant

It is situated on station road Pankaj Hotel Compound, Budha Bazar in Moradabad. You can go there with your family and friends. There are so many foods included in their menu you can choose what you like more. You can eat like tikki, golgappa, Pav Bhaji etc. All bakery items are available here. Price is not a highly reasonable price here.

4. Maroof Chicken Fry Corner

It is famous for fry chicken and fry fishes in Moradabad. It is situated in Galshaheed Sambhli Gate, Moradabad. Must try for chicken lover if you are a non-veg. You can go for family dinner and with friends. Their interiors are beautiful must say you have to like this restaurant. You can look for outdoor seating. If you want to eat outside, you can.

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5. Sweet And Salty Restaurant

You can go with your friends to hang out and to the party. The best choice is to stay with all facilities and budget according to your pocket. This restaurant is situated on Court road opposite Vertenery Hospital, Awaas Market in Moradabad. The various services offered at the venue include Home Delivery. The sweet-salty restaurant at Moradabad ensures a great food experience by offering highly palatable food.

6. AI Raheem Restaurant

AI Raheem In Kachari Road, in Moradabad. They provide Biryani, Tandoori, Indian food, Afghani food, Punjabi food, Veg Thali, etc. They also deliver food at home. Foodies in and around the neighborhood can walk into this eating house without facing any related to commuting to this part of the city. They have experienced this.

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7. Loveena Restaurant

It is opposite Miglani Theatre, Moradabad. They include Pure vegetarian, North Indian, and Indian food. It is also for bland food if you are searching for some simple Indian food you should go there Loveena Restaurant. It provides the best food and tries to make visitors happy with their food. Visit here on any vacation with your friends and families. You will definitely like this restaurant and have fun.

8. Jahid Biryani centre

It is for biryani Lover. Indain cuisine places to eat at, Jahid biryani. It is situated Opposite Bijli Ghar Bajarpur Mandi sambal in Moradabad. Jahid biryani centre at Moradabad. Jahid Biryani Centre can be one of the greatest. If you are craving biryani, you can go for it. You will find their dishes of biryani. Biryani lovers have to go there and taste their biryani. It is famous mainly for biryani food.

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9. Gulsan E Karim

It is situated on Prince Road in Moradabad. They provide Mughlai, North Indian, and Indian food. If you are Indian cuisine, love you must go there. You should try tandoori chicken, biryani, and kali at this restaurant. This is the best Mughlai restaurant in Moradabad. The location is beautiful. With your friends and family, you must visit here, and you can enjoy the fun. Mughlai foods. A non-veg person must go there and eat some non-veg dishes.

10. The Emperor

The look of the place is majestic. The Emperor restaurant in the holiday regency hotel provides good food. Multi-cuisine are there available. The singers on weekends attract you with your dinner or lunch. There is also a hotel you can stay there and enjoy your dinner and lunch at this emperor Restaurant. You don’t need to go out of this hotel because they also provide some delicious food you must try their food on your daily bases lunch or dinner. It is situated in Om Enclave 9 km Delhi Road, Moradabad.

So, Railrecipe will keep you informed, such as Restaurants on this RailRecipe page. If you want more information about restaurants near Moradabad stations, stay in touch with this RailRecipe page

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The 10 Best Restaurants Near Moradabad Station

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