The 10 Best Restaurants Near Lucknow Station

You came to search for the te10 best restaurants near Lucknow station on RailRecipe. On this page, RailRecipe will tell you which type of restaurant is available near Lucknow and about these Restaurants. If you want to know, you must scroll this page until the end. Then, you will learn about these Restaurants with RailRecipe.

1. Branche Restaurant

Branche restaurant is near Hussain Ganj in Lucknow. The visitor is searching for a restaurant to eat at they can go there if you are near the station, it is situated near station road. They serve you some delicious food in their restaurant. Their cuisines like biryani, South Indian, Multicuisine Mughlai, Seafood, Rajasthani, Indian Tandoori, Arabic, Korean, Kashmiri, French, Russian, North Indian, etc. you can order your food as you like. They provide good service to their customers.

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2. Lucknow Matinee Restaurant

You can find it at Guru Govind Singh Marg. Bans Mandi Chauraha Near, Charbagh, In Lucknow. If you like to eat some other food or are bored of eating the same daily meal, you can go there. They include other foods on their menu like Continental Breakfast, American Breakfast, Indian Breakfast, etc. And add some more food to the menu like Cereals, Fresh Tropical Fruit Bowl, Seasonal Fresh Juice, and Puri Bhaji. If you are fasting, you can visit there because they also include fruits and juices. 

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3. Caprice

Caprice is in Kaiserbagh Officer’s Colony, Qaisar Bagh, Lucknow. You can visit this one also if you are staying in Lucknow. This restaurant looks beautiful like wow! They arrange their furniture marvelously. Their foods are also reasonable. They serve as your choice. They provide Veg and Non-Veg both in their restaurant. They also provide you with some buffet offers when you pay via the easter App. Some International foods include Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juice, Choice of cereals, Baker’s Breakfast, waffles, Pancake, Persian Breakfast, etc. Also available for Indian food like Parantha, Puri bhaji, Idli, Dosa, etc.

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4. The Centurion – Quick Bites

It is situated in Charbagh Metro Station, Lucknow. This place is known for a reasonable price and worth the money; the menu is perfect, their service is timely, and they provide delicious food, fresh food, and good quality. The best place for passengers is near the station, people who are hungry and waiting for their train can go there and eat some food if they have time. Outside, you can find some street food and a good dining area.

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5. W Cafe

W Café at Charbagh, Near Gurudwara Road, Lucknow. It is famous for Chinese, North Indian, and Fast Food. Available home delivery, Wifi, Rooftop Seating. They Provide Continental and Italian food like Maggi Masala, Potato Wedges, French Fries, etc. Chinese snacks like Crispy Corn, Chilly Chicken, etc. If you are a lover of fast food, then you must go. Food quality is also well served by the chef, and they are well defined and help you. W Cafe for North Indian, Chinese, Desserts, Shake, etc. 


6. Altitude

Altitude is in Radisson Lucknow City Centre. Altitude restaurant has some good quality they have pool also in this restaurant. If you want to be a piece, you can enjoy this pool with your dinner. You can go there with your friends and family. You will feel good here, in this restaurant. They give you an offer on some food according to price. You can go there to hang out with your friends and can chill too. You should go there if you are on the trip to Lucknow with your friends then definitely go there.

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7. Home Sweet Home

This one is like a home situated in House 11, 3rd floor, Halwasiya, M.G Road, Hazratganj Lucknow. This restaurant is low in cost and a reasonable price for your budget according. This is an excellent and cute restaurant like this for all adorable children. You can go there and try this restaurant how it is by service and their food. You can also visit there for a chill and hangout party with your friends and special ones. Their food is hygiene maintain, and the restaurant is also. You can order veg or non-veg food and eat this without a doubt.


8. Royal Cafe 

It is fantastic for beverages, Chinese food, Mughlai food, etc. Royal Café is in M.G Marg, Opposite Sahu Cinema, Hazratganj, Lucknow. Their restaurant is good it looks like for dinner you can go there for dinner especially, and we should feel like we have dinner. They serve unique and delicious food. After seeing it will feel like water has come into the mouth. Their services are also reasonable they treat you very well. So, you can go there with your unique buddy. 

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9. Nawabeen’s Awadhi Restaurant

It is for Nawabi, North Indian, and Mughlai. This is in Quinton Road, Near Nishat Hospital, Lalbagh, Lucknow. It is known for its Theme Decor, best Food Quality, and Family Place. It would help if you went there to see their decor and for the food taste. They serve Raam Musallam, Murgh Musallam, Fish Musallam, Tandoori fish Musallam etc in Khususiyat-E-Nawabeen’s. And Nawabi Shahi Paneer, Panner Begam Bahar, Paneer Peshawari this all vegetarians add in Paneer-Ke-Lawaazmaat. It would help if you tried this.


10. Colors by Royal Cafe – Royal Inn

This is situated in Mahatma Gandhi Road, Opp Saharaganj Mall Hazratganj, Lucknow. They offer cuisines like Desserts, Biryani, Punjabi, Indian food, Rajasthani, etc. it is known for polite staff, quick service, music, open-air setting, etc. This is available for bars, Coffee shops, and Restaurants also. They have a wide range of products for their customers. They provide home delivery with good food and good service. You can go there for dinner or lunch.

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The 10 Best Restaurants Near Lucknow Station

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